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Week 7: Run 3 - Slow, Slow, Slowslowslow

55 minute steady run.

Dog and I left the house a touch before 6am, which was actually later than I wanted, but not by much.

I sort of had it in mind to run 30 minutes towards a local beauty spot, which would merely have involved going straight ahead at a place I normally turn left, then turn round and head back. What I'd glossed over in my head was that the track is locally known as 5 gates for a reason! There are definitely 5 gates - 3 of them are gates that stand alone where fences used to be and you can just run round them, no problem. But the top and bottom set are gates where you have to wrestle with the locks. I ran up to the first one, tagged it and headed back toward home, then turned right so I was back on my normal path - Sergeant Block informing me that I was "Halfway!" Which I was glad about because I was already feeling pretty warm even though I'd set off slowly. I waved to the pylon at the top of the hill I ran up the other week as I passed, then hugged the shady side of the path as I ran downhill trying not to speed up. I greeted a fellow runner as he ran toward me, got to the farm-

-and found I still had 12 minutes running to do. πŸ™ˆ

Turned right again to join the track the gremlins wanted me to take when I'd planned to run up the aforementioned hill - hooray for more shade!

Out onto the turf paths that are so kind on tired legs after the chalk of the rest of my run and got to the only stile on that section just as Sergeant Block told me I could "Cool Down!"

Never have I been so glad to hear him bark out an order. I think I could have kept on going, but negotiating the stile - even though it is little more than a 'step through' - was a bit beyond me by then.

I don't know if it was my stupid or a gremlin, but I filled a bottle with water to take with me then put a lead on the dog and forgot to take it out with us πŸ™ˆ Luckily I managed to get my pacing right and did not need it. Must do better next time.

It's already 22C here, I do hope it is at least a little cooler where you are @Irishprincess, take care to hydrate, good luck!

(Possibly TMI - one of my boobs was hurting a bit as I ran - I genuinely wondered if I might have pulled a muscle however unlikely that might seem. But no, it is merely a bruise. A fairly large, purple bruise. I... don't remember getting it, though I have a vague recollection of bashing myself with the buggy as I wrangled it, and its occupant, down the steps in a car park yesterday.)

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Oh those gremlins! I'm trying to embrace this heat and accept the limitations it leads to. 6am is probably not that much cooler but at least the shadows were longer! Hope the bruise is subsiding. I have mystery bruises too... it's all part and parcel of this game! :)

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It was about 6 degrees cooler than when I got home, if the weather app is to believed. The bruise will last a while, all part and parcel of being someone who bruises like a peach πŸ˜†

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Sounds more painful than your average bruise though, take care :)


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