Week 6: Run 1 (OR why it's good to have a running buddy)

I was lying in bed listening to the rain early this morning, and debating with myself whether I really wanted to get up and get myself and the dogs dressed to go Canicrossing or wait till it stopped, when one of my fellow canicrossers messaged me to ask if I wanted to go out! She's not been able to run for the last week as her children were on half term. She only lives down the road so I told her I'd grab a cuppa and then head down 😀

We agreed we'd run my planned training run - 25 minutes at a steady pace - but do her choice of route. Her idea of a run plan is generally more 'I need to go that far, *I'll run till I need a break and then stop or walk for a bit, repeat from * to the end'.

It was very wet (the rain had just about let up) and incredibly windy as we set off up a farm track I don't usually use and across the fields, so our conversation about local footpaths was more like shouting at each other, but we could do it. Run, not jog, and hold a conversation! Who knew?

We saw a deer, luckily before her Pointer and my Beagle did- except the Beagle then caught the scent and tried to track it through the fence and into a different field anyway. (She tried to pick up the scent on the way back as well and nearly had me over at one point; good job I love her🙄)

We ran till segeant Block told me we were halfway, and then ran a little bit farther - we had literally just waded through an enormous puddle when he shouted, we simply couldn't face turning round to wade back through it straight away.

Then we ran until Sergeant Block told us to walk, when - very dutifully - we walked, with friend asking about running to a plan and saying how good she felt for running without stopping (doggy comfort breaks aside) for a whole 25 minutes. Which made me smile because I know she has gone out and run with some of our group's faster runners for at least one long run where they didn't stop except to water the dogs (though I also know she said her legs felt like jelly for days after that).

It was a good run - just a bit faster than 7min/k which we both agreed was more than all right, considering the wind.

The real icing on the cake though is that she's agreed to help me with W6:R2 which includes a 7 minute long tempo run, because her natural running pace is a fair bit faster than mine. 😀

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  • Well done. You can tick it off now. Dogs love the rainy weather I bet. The hound I walk loves wild weather 😃

  • The Beagle doesn't mind being out in it, but really does feel the cold after, so she now has an Equafleece to snuggle up in. The Spaniel does not like being out in the wet at all, she is a very singular Spanner!

  • I am out with the hound tomorrow and Thursday 🐕🌨🙂

  • We'll be out Thursday morning with dogs again 😀 Probably about 9 o'clock.

  • Sounds an eventful run with the weather and deer! As you know my spaniel is keen on deer ;)

  • 🦌🐕

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