Week 8: Run 3

Week 8: Run 3

Run for 60 minutes.

I thought a complete change of scene would do me good and headed for the hills, parked at one local beauty spot and headed off toward the next one.

There weren't many people about, in fact I didn't see anyone besides 1 other car driver until I was just about half way, but there were lots of 'undulations'. There was also one small group of cattle who totally ignored me and the dog even though they did have calves with them. The views are definitely pretty enough to keep my mind off running the hills - see the picture I took while on my cool down walk back to the car - so all in all a good choice of location.

If the numbers matter, Oldfloss , I covered 7.9k in the same time it took you to run 10K the other day, though some of that was my warm up and cool down walks

That said, Week 9 is another recovery week with my 'race' at the end of it, and I'm now not sure whether to try to run 10K, or do the suggested half hour run and try for 10K another time.

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  • That is a simply beautiful view!!! Goodness what a run...and full of things to keep the interest going, like cows and calves...do you have to be particularly careful in those instances... I know we often get "sensational " headlines and dire warnings of cows attacking folks and dogs.

    Numbers are just that.. for me, it was only the fact that my last 10K was for a Charity and so timed... ( I did quite like seeing my name in the results list though and that I was not the slowest one in the world :))

    Running for a long time, I find really enjoyable... with no sense of distance, just getting in that comfy pace... I would quite like to run with a dog... never had one though :)

    You are clearly enjoying and having fun too...just go with the flow for your next one ? :)

  • I do run more slowly when I'm near them, if it came to it I would walk if I had to. (Friend and I mocked a fellow friend for her fear of cows as we coaxed her past them the other week, and the next day it turned out some poor man had been trampled to death by some 😥)

    Hee! My next run is actually this brightontri.org/gotrika/, tomorrow night. I'm doing the swim 100 metres then run 3k option. It's part of the local council's annual Takepart festival to get people involved in sport. Still trying to decide if I dare run in my cossie with something thrown on over the top, or whether I need to stop long enough to put on a sports bra.

  • Go for it.. you can do it!!! Wow..best of luck tomorrow night... !!!

    It sounds amazing... :)

  • Thanks. I'm just doing it for the fun of doing it 😀

  • Brilliant... might there be photos :)

  • Only if I take them! My son will have only just got home from uni and my hubby won't be back from work.

  • Oh what a shame.. I shall cheer you on from here !!!!

  • Thanks Floss 😀

  • Loving the view! Go with it and see if you fancy going for 10k next time. But also no rush - just when you feel ready :) Sounds like you're doing well at finding places with enough distance to really stretch out into a long run - I remember when I started extending towards 10k I kept having to turn into parks or down various street turnings to try and add on extra bits of distance!

  • One of the benefits of living where I live is that I can find all sorts of places. One of the drawbacks is finding long stretches of 'flat' 😀

    I might investigate taking a bus somewhere and running 10K home in the near future.

  • What a lovely view! sounds like a great run. Best of luck with your swim and run :)

  • Isn't it?

    Thanks! I'm back now, I think I did okay. I had fun, that's the main thing 😀

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