Week 7: Run 2

Week 7: Run 2

10 minute jog; 4x(2 minute fast pace, 2 minute jog); 10 minute steady run.

In my head I was aiming for about 51/2min/km as my 'fast' and as far as I can tell I managed that (I totally forgot to take headphones so was battling to hear the voice of MapMyFitness above the wind rushing past my ears.) But my steady run turned into a definite jog with a small burst of speed when The Sea Scout Hut (see pic, taken at the start) was back in sight.

Didn't feel too bad while I was moving but did feel a bit sick as I did an extra bit of very slow walk back to the car. Stupidly didn't take water, because I generally don't when I'm not going to be out for very long. Will have to make sure I take some next time.

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  • Love the photo. Yes, important to remember water especially if it is hot. What temperature was it? Foul day here, rain, wind and very low cloud/mist.

  • The car said 21 when I was driving across the airport on the way to fetch the grandsprocket. I'm supposing a couple of degrees cooler by the water. Hope your foul weather isn't stopping you running.

  • Beautiful view... well done you...That speed for your fast, is fast.. I am happy with a 6 to 6.30!!! Go you!

    Yes, the water thing is odd... I drink plenty anyway, all the time , Adam's Ale, my Nan used to call water... and always before going out..take my regular sips.

    But, 5K or below, I don't bother taking any... I read Anniemurph 's cautionary tale of her long run and her 'Ooops' moment, she posted it about a month ago! But did not think it would really apply for my runs...The next run I did was a short one in Wales, by the coast... never took water, and it was early morning too..but after just 3K, I had to stop at a little garage shop (fortunately open) and buy water!!!

    Went out yesterday for a speedy 3K and did not take any and wish I had !!! I am. like you going to take my small bottle with me now, regardless.

    Look forward to your next post with interest too :)

  • Luckily I don't have to keep it up for long!

    Adam's Ale 😀 I think that is great, might try ordering some in the pub (I am not big on alcohol).

    Was that the one where she felt so rotten she couldn't remember which way to go???

  • That was the one... very scary...it was quite worrying as the trail can be quite deserted at times...

    It has been hot here today.. we were cycling.. and given hotter tomorrow.. I am heading out at early... 6 ish.. and I shall take water. :)

    Yes.. my Nan had signed the Pledge as a girl.. she did not drink at all... loved water ! We had water and her homemade lemonade as children... :) The bottles of lemonade had the tops tied on to stop them bursting off!!!

    Gosh, how old do I sound! I think to go into the pub and asking for a pint of Adam's Ale sounds wonderful!!!

  • Very Scary.

    Husband and I both used to have homemade ginger beer as children. Our mums made it in their pantries - my children barely know what a pantry is! You're only as old as you feel, so I think you're safe Floss 💛

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