Steeple Bumpstead to New England and Back

I thought is was about time I came to play with the big kids so this morning I thought see how far I can get without taking notice of time so left at 5:30 it was nice and cool no cars just me the rabbits and the squirrels ran to New England 5km done so turned for home running down the road which was better than field running but just a little boring anyway into the village getting tired now so slowed down to nearly walking pace but still running got home and had done 10km in 90 mins and now for a cup of tea.

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  • Great morning run! Sounds like you really enjoyed it!

    Collect your badge as you pass go!

  • Thanks it was good got in just before the non forecast rain started

  • Look at you with your badge... it is looking pretty good.. :) Nice to have you here too..:)

  • Thanks it's very nice and I thought I'd better make the effort to come over and see if the grass is as green over here as it is on C25K

  • It is :) Some old friends are all here too:)

  • the literal sense... :)

  • You're not old you are a wise and friendly face to one and all

  • Seconded😊

  • Congratulations! 530 is late for you 😏 That badge looks fab on you.

  • I was feeling a bit lazy so had a lie in

  • Well done on your first 10k - feels good doesn't it? And yes, you'll see a few familiar 'faces' over here! 🙂

  • An early morning 10k well done!

  • Your first 10k is as precious as the first 5k! Well done!

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