My body is conspiring against me

Had a cold last week - it didn’t take too much out of me and I ran through it. No problems, made sure I drank plenty before and after.

Sunday - cold pretty much totally gone (just the odd sniffle) - got back from walking the dogs and was suddenly inordinately tired. Didn’t even trust myself to knit tired. Tried to have a nap on the sofa; it didn’t happen.

Yesterday - was just starting to wander around the house collecting my running stuff together, and the next thing I knew? Migraine. Full on, I’m going to throw up, migraine. Another afternoon spent on the sofa while I waited till my daughter and her OH got back from their weekend away and could fetch Taylor Beagle.

Feeling a bit wrung out this morning. I’m not planning on running today. If it happens, it happens.

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  • It might be worth having a completed break from running apparently it is advised to have a break of about a week every so often so the body can recharge so when you come back you are raring to go again.

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear you're not up to the mark 🙁

    Rest up a bit. Migraine seems to strike randomly and lays you out completely so go steady. You'll soon be back out with the dog 🙂👍🏃‍♀️✔️

  • My usual triggers are flashing lights and high contrast situations/images (and I used to get one once a month before I was menopausal 😒) so this one really did come at me from nowhere.

    Took the two remaining dogs for a slow stroll along the river where I normally run. The foster Terrier hadn’t walked there before so he’s now all worn out from investigating lots of lovely new smells, and I’m more than ready for a sit down. 😴

  • Fitting in a run tomorrow would be doable, but it will actually be simpler to run on Thursday, at which point it will be a week since I last ran anyway 😁

  • Oh dear.. I know the feeling.. :) Feel better soon x

  • Thanks Floss x

  • Take it easy and you'll be better sooner.

  • Will do!

  • Oh dear, poor you 😕 Hope you feel back to normal soon

  • Thanks Sue!

  • Migraines are such a killer, and I think leave you wrung out even when they've gone. Rest up and rehydrate, and hope you feel better soon.

  • I think I’m all better now, and it’s been a week since I last ran. Husband is home - his one day off a week - so I’m going to walk the dogs then go for a run armed with an audio book. Hopefully the gremlins won’t get me.

  • Awwww, so sorry you’re feeling under the weather...just get back to it when you’re ready, any sooner & you won’t be at your best x

  • I think I’m good. I’m going to try for a run today while my husband is at home, that way I won’t be worrying about the foster dog (he’s started getting a bit worried when I go out now).

  • Aww, bless 🐶

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