Claimed my 10K badge

I listened to everyone's comments and advice on Friday after my hip pain and decided I would do a longer run, but take it easy. I decided that although my longer route is hilly, the paths are at least flat (no camber) so out I went for an hours run. Now when I say hilly, the hills are gentle but relentless, 35 minutes of uphill at the start of the run to reach the beacons, with only a little walk to catch my breath. I met loads of cyclists as I joined the South Downs Way and had to run in the longer grass through the buttercups and daisies to avoid being mowed down. As I approached the farm two lovely horse riders were just behind me, so I held the gate open as they went through. They followed me along the next field, me trying to look fit and healthy whilst actually feeling knackered and wishing I hadn't worn shorts for the first time, them relaxed just enjoying a leisurely walk, then they had to galloped to catch me up when they realised I was heading for the same gate they needed, so yes I beat two horses across a field! Off they went as I headed along the valley, I reached the end as my alarm went off telling me I had run for an hour but I was too close to home to stop, so I continued up the next hill and took the pathway home. My third 10k and this time no hip ache, my knees are fine, and I don't feel like I'm going to die so I have actually claimed my badge. I'll be sticking at 10k for a while now, trying to improve my time, and cutting out the walk break in that hill.

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  • Well done on your pain free 10k! I think slowing things down can sometimes really help and it allows our bodies time to adjust to the new demands we are making on it! As your recovery after runs improves, you can start to speed things up again. Sounds like a beautiful run - out in the country is the best place to be I reckon! So good for the soul! 😀

  • Hi Sandra, It was a really lovely run. I normally run in the morning but running in the evening gave me time to think about what I wanted to achieve. I had no time constraints as I didn't need to rush out afterwards, and enjoyed a leisurely bath and beer when I got back. Not quite the recommended recovery but it was good for me.

  • Sounds a great run.

    You're very patient! My app confirmed my first (and so far, only!) 10k and I was straight on here to get my badge lol!

    Hope everything stays niggle free overnight, well done :)

  • You're steaming through, jt! I just did my first 5K of running the whole way, no walks, on the weekend. Planning to build up to 10K now, that's why I'm here too, lurking till I'm ready :)

  • It just kind of happened Shivani05! I've been reading a lot and a lot of runners say if you can run 5k then your body can run 10k, just got to set your mind to it. I entered a flat 10k that's in September, I had a really good 5k run one day and had the time and opportunity to test the theory- and just ran on to 10k!! It was against all the 'add 10%' advice etc. but it felt right and I had no niggles after! In fact next run was 2 days later and I did a 7k! My pace is pretty much the same so I don't know what I'm going to do. I probably need to do some speed work to get regular pb's but I'm quite happy just plodding away out there!

  • Wish I could say it just happened, but I think moving from a flat running path onto hills and trails, made a difference. Have you tried the podcasts yet jt24 I now love speed and stamina but have only tried stepping stones once as I hated it. Will try again but there's always something else more exciting.

  • I haven't managed to download them onto my phone yet but I've listened to them. I quite like the idea of trying them, just got to get the tech sorted!

  • Lurk baby lurk! It's an odd time getting to 10K as you don't want to post every run, but want to be here to KIT and keep motivated. Lovely to hear from you though.

  • I just thought that as we have to do 3 x 30 mins for C25K, I would use the same principle to check I was really capable of the 10K. No niggles to report, yeah!!

  • Well done ! Like your first love, you never forget your first 10k !

    Congratulations ! :-) xxx

  • I felt like that about my first 5K so I wonder if it will be the same with all major distances?

  • Ha ha , yes most likely xxx

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