Treadmill? I don't think so!

Treadmill?  I don't think so!

I have a treadmill in my dining room but it would have to be for emergencies only because the world needs exploring, especially at ridiculous o'clock on a Sunday morning! I think something went wrong in my brain since becoming a runner because I even smile in the winter mornings in the dark with my cool headtorch blazing, feels a little rebellious somehow. Love cool spring/summer mornings too and the view is amazing

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  • Ain't it just.... :) Beautiful :)

  • That looks really beautiful :)

  • That view is Stunning!

  • How fab! I know some people can only run on treadmills, but I do pity them.

  • When you've scenery like that it beats the treadmill hands down.

  • Outdoors only for me. That or nowt

  • Nooo! Have only ever used one for gait analysis, was out yesterday with slinky running through the park, glorious!

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