Bridge to 10k - week 3 finally over

Completed week 3 today in pale autumn sunlight. A cool 13C, perfect for running. Still managed to sweat buckets. Runkeeper told me it was my fastest 6-9 km run - probably fueled by a need to get out and clear my head. I did enjoy myself.

Week 4 will be a greater challenge and will probably take me three weeks. I can't find that much time in the mornings before work, so will only be able to do these runs at the weekend. But there's no rush!

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  • Lovely running weather , long may it continue!

  • Well done - definitely better running weather today. Still ended up in a hot sweat as well, but did feel I was running rather than struggling.

  • Well done - it doesn't matter if you take your time, it will all come together if you keep getting out there. Good luck!🙂

  • Well done! Keep going! 10k is well worth the effort. You'll feel fantastic when you finally nail it. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeha!

  • I have done it before. In fact I've done it 3x, but doing it consistently is my problem and the bridge to 10k is my attempt at trying to build my strength and get a bit more consistency in there. I do find relentless long runs tough - always have done. Even before c25k I was able to run 5k now and then (did it 2x in the year before I started the programme). But I couldn't go out there 3x a week and do something remotely close to 5k every time! Now I can!

  • Yes you can! Sounds good doesn't it.

    10k will be a doddle for you before long. Just keep plugging away and your fitness will improve no end ☺

  • Good for you! x

  • Good going Jaysee.

    I think really enjoying a 51 minute run is priceless😊.... as you are up to 9k already at the end of week 3, when you do get chance to start week 4, I imagine it won't be long before you hit 10k again. I know you have run 10k before a few times, but this plan will give you the tools to be able to do 10k whenever you want to.

    I think this Sammi program takes the pressure off and is great for distance running. I haven't looked to see what week 4 has in store (still got 2 more week 3 to do!) but I know you will smash it. Happy running 😊

  • I'm only up to just short of 8k (and that's fast for me!), so I won't be hitting 10k, but it's about stamina and consistency for me!

    You're doing great yourself! We'll be there soon!

  • Well done you....You are going great guns...What a lovely run in the Autumn sunshine..:)

    Disrupted running patterns have meant, I have neglected my Bridge to 10K plan and am just running and seeing where I end up...still three times a week, but not on my normal days....

    I am determined to get there though... :)

  • You will! Faster than I'll get to 5k in 30 mins!

  • :)

    I am running 5K in 30min or just under regularly.. I am not being,," oh aren't I good" 'cos I am not... but I think I am so used to the field and lane route and my head is so full of all sorts at the moment.., I just run and run and it happens..:)

    Likewise the 3 Ks.. are slow and relaxed.. where I do try to let it all go past me, and clear my head... :) Not long now until I become Grammyfloss!

    That 10K is a little monkey.. it eludes me...but I will do might be slow.. but I will! :)

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