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Anyone have experience with a treadmill. The weather in South Africa is often in summer above 28 degrees in the bright sun, we have howling wind, I love the park run as it's with people. Running is rather lonely so I am thinking of a treadmill. What advice fair runners do you have for me? I have done 90 park runs and last month did 21 000 skips.

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My experience of the dreadmill is somewhat negative. I tried them and got bored. Then I tried the all singing and dancing ones at the local gym and had a "minor" incident (was managing fine when there was a power cut in the gym - the treadmill stopped abruptly but I didn't - went over the top and ended up in the dark in a crumpled heap tangled up in the treadmill in the row in front).

As far as I'm concerned - never again. Running in the heat is an issue. I occasionally run in it (e.g. in Singapore or Australia) and find that I follow the locals' examples and adopt a slower, more leisurely pace (my Singapore shuffle). I also run early to avoid the heat. Parkrun in Singapore starts at 7:30am for a reason...

martinhermanus in reply to AdamB

Much appreciated, thank you.

AlMorrGraduate10 in reply to AdamB

That certainly was a Dreadmill Adam, I hope you recovered quickly from that fall.


I find the big ones you get in gyms OK in general. You do have total control over pace in a way you can't get (well I can't anyway) running free. So you can just set the thing at just a fractionally faster pace than last time, and gradually push onwards and upwards. But it is a bit mindless ……

No experience of the ones you can buy in department stores for home use. But they all look a bit flimsy for my liking.

Good luck with whatever you decide :-)

Thank you I am considering buying a good one. The decision is not as simple as I was thinking 😭. Thank you.


I love mine, bought a decent one and am lucky to have a spare downstairs room for it, it’s been great in the heat of the summer as it has a built in fan. Mine advice would be to spend a bit more and get a really good one. Good luck

I am thinking of a Jet 300 treadmill which is part of the Reebok Jet Series. Many thanks for the comment. 👍☺


I bought a second hand one which is big and solid - and I'm really glad I didn't go for a new one which would have had to be smaller/lesser quality. Last winter I was delighted I had it. Yes, it allows you to run at a constant and known pace, it allows you to concentrate on form and posture without checking the pavement for lumps, bumps and dips BUT I find it mindlessly boring and really miss the effect of the fresh air on your skin as you run along (I always end up a horrible sweaty mess). I'm sure I will use it again, but my preference will always be to run outside if I can.

I am thinking of a Jet 300 treadmill which is part of the Reebok Jet Series. Many thanks for the comment. 👍☺

linda9389Moderator in reply to martinhermanus

Mine is also a Reebok, though an old, old model. I had never used a treadmill before so had no idea what to look for. It was my son who advised this one, on the basis of the size of the deck. I now see he was absolutely right - I would really struggle with some of the small decks I had been looking at. On a long run you really need the freedom to move naturally and not be constrained :)

When I started Couch to 5k it was on a treadmill at the gym. Never thought I’d want to run outside. My daughter changed all that by dragging me outside at Week 6 and I haven’t run on one since. However I can understand you wanting an indoor option in the heat. Just make sure you have some thing interesting to listen to or watch.

Thank you our weather is very varied and over 25 degrees I take strain but the sun is sharp.


I end up flipping between outside and treadmills when I can't, I don't find it ad enjoyable now, but when running outside isn't an option, it keeps me ticking over, managed to overdo it though last time I was away with work, so not completely risk free

Thank you. I think a need an alternative to the tar.

I run in Singapore and find the heat and humidity a real problem. I always run very slowly, go out first thing and head for the shade as much as I can. I try to be finished by 8.30am at the latest. A lot of people run at night here- so after 7.30pm, but I’m definitely a morning person. I started running on a treadmill though, but if I can avoid them now I do. I think once you are in the open air it’s quite difficult going back indoors.

I hope you find the best time for your runs!

Thanks for your reply appreciated.


I have one for when the weather is impossible outside (ice etc) and i hate it with a passion. It is boring, tedious and hurts my knees, which running outside never does - but needs must ...

I find running in the ice scary too (@flickM3) - end up with such tense legs and slow paces that it isn’t really ‘worth’ going at all. Last winter it caused me to seriously lapse and so have got the dreadmill rigged up in a barn now ready for winter 😂

I have seen the exercise bikes which incorporate iPads at our local fitness store - apparently they have programmes which emulate the big races as if you’re doing them (like the Tour de France)! So what I’m waiting for is the technology to ‘watch’ a marathon from first person perspective and somehow have the course linked to my running machine so I can do the inclines that match. All we’d need then is a wind machine for the atmospheric ‘feel’ and I think that would help with the boredom. I can dream, can’t I? 😉

Much appreciated looks like some like others hate difficult decision to make.

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