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B210K WEEK 1 RUN 1

Hello all, well I graduated 08/03/17 and since then I have basically faffed about doing bits of c25k and actually trying to run the full 5k, which I finally did on 29/03/17 my time of 58:36 no world records for me, unless for the slowest!

Since then to today, I have being doing bits of c25k as interval training trying to up my speed and 1 30+ minute run per week, so today I downloaded the b210k podcast, the poor dear needs to speak up a bit! and gave it a go, so today I covered 3.3 miles/5.31km in the 54 minutes, so only another 4.69kms to go!!!

I told you I was slow!


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Slow is just fine!!!!! I love slow!

Did you try any of the C25K+ podcasts.. very useful for building up stamina and speed ?


Yes I downloaded those as well!! I never knew I would need a folder called "running" on my pc!

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Well done good start, yes she does need to be louder as yesterday I ran through my 1 minute walking interval by mistake! To be fair I was dodging a class of schoolchildren on the canal path at the time 😄

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The first podcast is quiet but she finds her voice believe me! She will kick your ass big time 😃 The music is fab so you will have fun. Got steady though! It is hard! The stepping Stones podcasts will help you on your journey to 10k but they too are hard but really well worth doing

Bon voyage 😃🏃


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