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Week 1 of the new challenge!


Hi I'm Fiona and I've just crossed over from C25k, having graduated some weeks back. I've done a period of consolidation and was starting to get a bit bored with my 30 minute runs and then the lovely Roseabi suggested I give the Bridge to 10k a bash. So here I am!

In my case it won't be a bridge to 10k, but I will pass 5k at some point :) I'm going to follow Ju Ju's plan in terms of the time rather than distance since I just managed to do 3.6k in 30 mins. So I'm looking forward to some new goals, which will firstly be to run 5k (it will likely take me around 45 minutes) and then to run for 60 minutes. I've learned my lesson with trying to get faster - so I'm hoping that with some interval training each week and more miles in the legs that I will gradually get a bit faster along the way.

I've done the first run of 15 minutes and used the C25k+ podcast for interval training to make it a bit more interesting. It certainly got the heart rate up, that's for sure. Anyway, I'm really happy to be here and feel like I'm moving along my running journey again!

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Yay! Good to see you here - welcome!! xx


Hi and welcome. We are just as friendly and encouraging. I hope you enjoy yourself at this side of the bridge. Good luck on your journey to 60 minutes. Happy running 🤗

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thanks! I can't tell you how excited I am - its weird how demotivated I was getting doing the same runs all the time on consolidation. Its hard to vary my route at the moment so now I've got something new to aim for it has really gee'ed me back up again. Looking forward to it!


Welcome aboard the fun bus. Another really supportive forum awaits your posts. Well done on progressing so well. Don't ever worry about pace. You will get there. It's all about the journey! It's a fantastic plan.

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to GTFC

Thanks I'm sure it is. C25K was amazing so I'm sticking with this one all the way as well.


Hello Fionamags, good luck on your running journey and this forum is just as supportive and encouraging as the other 😊😊👍


Welcome and best of luck with the plan!👍


Welcome to this forum, and I can definitely day that this one is just as supportive and friendly as the C25K one.

I only moved over to this one in March, so I'm talking from my own recent personal experience.

Happy Running to you.

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to MartinKH

Thanks! Really looking forwards to it.

Good luck on your next journey getting to 60 mins it will be here before you know it! I’ve also recently moved over, I graduated at the start of March, did a few weeks of consolidation, but was also missing a plan and a goal to get to. I’m now on a Week 6 of Ju Ju’s plan and loving it, every run feels like a little achievement and I like working towards an end goal, like C25K had - sure you will feel the same. Enjoy it 😊

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to Reluctantrunner40

Thanks! Did u manage the elusive 5k in 30 mins?

Reluctantrunner40Graduate10 in reply to Fionamags

No!! Don’t think many do! But my 5k time is improving now, so I can see it happening at some stage - never thought that would happen either! 😁

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to Reluctantrunner40

Sounds perfect! Seeing small improvements/progress is the carrot fir me too!


Hello Fionamags! This forum is great. I'm still on the couch to 5k forum as are you, but this is where we can get advice and encouragement! Look forward to hearing about your runs. My run wasn't great today, but after lots of encouraging responses on here, I'm looking forward to my next 'getting lost and exploring' run!

Take care.

FionamagsGraduate10 in reply to Roxdog

Thanks! They are all a bit professional looking on here - the times and distances are amazing. But very welcoming nontheless. I see you've already done the 60 minute challenge and got a whole new shiny badge 😉. Great stuff!

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