Last long run before my first 10k event🏃🏻🌤🙂

Yesterday I had my last long run before my first 10k event at the weekend😀. I was slightly concerned about the heat yesterday afternoon; it seemed really humid here, and although only 21 degrees, that is a lot warmer than I have run in. I prefer it when it's cold I think! (I avoided the weekend heat by running in the early morning. )Took water with me (for the first time ever!) and set off on a nice steady 10k. I usually run on a mixture of trails and concrete but stuck to the road today as Sunday'srun is a road event. Really pleased that I felt really comfortable all the way round and now VERY excited about getting that first piece of bling with my sister in Bristol on Sunday😀😀. Will now just do a couple of shorter runs before the big day.

Hope everyone enjoys their running this week and speedy recovery for anyone stuck on the ic.👍

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  • You sound well prepared Sandra. Hope it all goes well but then why wouldn't it? Enjoy your race and come back to tell us all about it :)

  • Thanks! I see you 've got your first 10k event the weekend after...go us!🏃🏻🏃🏻🏃🏻

  • Ooo good luck Sandra! Enjoy the rest before the run but most importantly enjoy the whole experience on the day! X

  • Have the best day EVER👏👏👏Very !Exciting running your first 10k x 

    Raise your arms high as you cross the finish line..we'll be rooting for you...someone should be coming along with the Pom poems shortly X

  • Pom poms! ...autocorrect thinks I'm a Pom poet😊

  • Haha Pom poetx

  • Thanks Jaxy, wave those Pom poems high!😉

  • Good luck Sandra! Smash it!😊

  • Jeff Galloway has  a lot to say about slowing down with increasing temperature. However, I think his statements are meant for northern Hemisphere people ( US and UK) - because his "normal" running temperatures above which he starts to lower pace are so low for me where I live that I would only be running at night in the depths of winter!! :) But - anyway you are in the UK so this may be instructive to you???  :)

    But he is right in one sense - we do have to slow down when it is hot - a lot does depend however on exactly what we mean by hot insofar as our personal experience. 

  • Thanks Bazza, will take a look at that link🙂

  • This is so exciting.. for you...for your sister... and for us... running with you ( in spirit, if not in body). Shall you do a couple of short runs before then ?

    Go for it on Sunday ,and get that bling!!!!

  • Thought I would, but keep them gentle and short. Will let you guys know how it goes!

  • Brilliant... fingers and everything will be crossed for you..hmmm could make my Sunday run different ! :)

  • Oh good luck Sandra!I was just thinking about how you were and when your event was, and then saw floss's reply on the newsfeed! You are very well prepared so will do just fine 😊and bring back the bling! Am emotional day for you both... big hugs (((( )))) 

     I'm doing" walk the wight" event on Sunday,  but been feeling bit washed out this week, sure will be ok soon😊paul doing it too 😆

  • I am really looking forward to it Ali, especially as I pulled out of the dreaded trail run! Seems like I entered it ages ago. Good luck to you and Paul for Sunday too🙂!

  • Feel better soon :)

  • I'm so excited for you Sandra. I know it'll be emotional but you'll be making a special memory too. Enjoy your taper week and good luck for Sunday. 🏃🎈🏃

  • Thanks IP🙂. Wasn't sure about the taper bit(?) as 2 x5k  and a 10k is my usual running routine. Might do a shorter short(!) run on Friday, just so I'm nice and fresh on Sunday?

  • Sounds good Sandra 👍

  • I would say best of luck, but you don't need luck because you are well prepared!  I will say enjoy it :)  I know it will be emotional for you, but it's a great thing that you're doing and the memories will be wonderful.  Get that bling!  Have a good week and I'm looking forward to your victorious post telling us all about it :)

  • Thanks for your lovely words Annie. Roll on Sunday🙂

  • Fantastic ! Oooh its exciting isn't it , you will never forget your first 10k race .

    You will have a ball, the adrenalin , runners and supporters will get you around. Not that you need any help of course as you are FLYING Sandra ! :-)

    Have a brilliant day, enjoy it ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy! I know I will be nervous on the day but at the moment I am just VERY excited!!!,😀😀

  • Good luck - hope you have a great day, you are certainly well prepared.

  • Thank you - certainly reading of everyone's fantastic events and races on these forums has really inspired me to get out there and give it a go myself🙂

  • You will rock it Sandraj39 , you are well prepared , enjoy it you will have a fab day 😊

  • Thanks Rob☺!

  • Hiya, you sound very well prepared so you're bound to do well. I wouldn't run more than 5k on Friday. 

    I'm running that event too 😀. I did it last year - my only event (other than Parkrun) - I just run locally But Love Bristol and it's a great event. I can still remember practically every step from last year 🏃

    Enjoy, and I will look out for your post run post! 


  • Good luck to you too☺!

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