My Asics Plan adjustment

I've been following the my Asics plan for a half marathon I'm taking part in in September. I had it set to mild which was a very slow pace and I have found it hard to stick to the slower pace. After tonight's run I got an email asking if I wanted to adjust the pace so I have. I hope I don't live to regret this!! But i guess I can always undo it right?!

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  • Told you that would happen😀

  • That means we have a faster pace for tomorrow though ;) ANd I've just looked at what I have to do on Wednesday 😱😱😱

  • Stop scaring me, if it's a plan for the GT east HM surely it's not pushing too hard yet.

    I changed my HM plan to a shorter 10km plan as I'm doing the Hatfield broad Oak 10k on 26th may then I was going to change it to a new 10m plan for the ten mile summer stumble in June but I think I better change it now to get the mileage up. It's only 43 days away

  • Nah it's not actually that different for tomorrow's run but on Weds it's telling me to do a 10.5k at pace of 6.17min/k, no range just that. 😱😱 Not looking forward to that! It does seem to be all over the place tbh with distances. Next Sunday is 13.7k then the following is 10.5k again. I guess I'll just go with it and see what happens!

  • I really can't imagine who those early speeds are meant for. I can probably walk at the speed mine came up with. I just ignore the speeds and concentrate on the distances. Now at about half way through the plan (my HM is in July) I find that the plan has adjusted to what seems right to push me beyond my comfort zone.

  • I agree, do it if you can but otherwise go at a nice pace that you can maintain and it does seem to adjust over time. For my last 10 miller asics had me all over the place so I chose to follow a bupa training plan. I've just tried to change myasics to a 10mile plan in 6 weeks and it won't accept the dates, I guess it's too short notice.

  • I wonder why the plans are so different? You'd think they'd all work on the same logic. Was the Bupa one better?

  • My 10k plan adjusted to a faster pace which pushed me to slightly harder breathing but all was going great. I now have a stiff knee after doing sprint races on uneven grass with flat trainers on (none plan related) and I struggled with the pace on Thursday but the plan hasn't changed it yet. I also found with the early runs you achieve distance quickly but then reduce distance for faster runs but then have to increase distance again before the race. This worries me that I won't get back to the distance. I will see over the next two weeks.

  • Good luck! I hope your knee improves too.

  • I just found it simple and progressive.

  • This looks good to me! Thanks for posting :)

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