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I am doing a 10K in October and was following an asics plan which had me running lots of 8.5k very very slowly. No alternate rest days so I started it thinking they knew what they were saying but decided to plug in my info again to check and have got a totally different one with lots of 3k distances. Is it just a gimmick? Think I will just run fast 3k, normal5k and a slow slow 8 each week perhaps - with rests in between. Has anyone had success with the asics plan?

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  • I am doing my first ten k official race in October too and decided not to follow any set training plan. I graduated C25k a year ago today actually and have had several long spells on the injury couch before building up to five k and running that three x week. I wantedto push myself further so entered a nice flat ten k but that still seems a very long way ! I am trying to run three times a week including one slow ten k so I know I can do the distance, a hilly run and a quicker paced five k. I discovered parkrun a few weeks ago which is great. l Still usually take alternate rest days but have occasionally done a short run two days in a row. Good luck to you !

  • Thanks for your reply. I only graduated about a month ago so maybe too ambitious but need a target!

  • No not too ambitious, I think it's good to have something to aim for. I took a few weeks to get to five k then months consolidating that as I had calf hip then ankle injuries.

  • With the Asics plans make sure you choose the easy option as the others are really hard. But they're not a gimmick and many people use them here.

    For the build up to 10K many of us just followed our own plan running three times a week, 1x5K, 1xspeed/intervals/hills of about 3K and then 1x longer run where you build your distance each week. The golden rule is not to increase your total weekly mileage by more than 10%. This is the maximum and some say 5% is even better. Take your rest days, stretch every day and not just after a run, cross train if you can. Reduce or maintain your mileage every three weeks or so and listen to your body carefully.

    I read recently that if we feel we can run further after a run then we can go ahead with the next step. If we feel we can't run further then it's best to keep to this distance until we feel stronger.

    Have fun, keep the joy and good luck for October 🙂

  • Really useful summary Irishprincess thank you 😀 I must copy this into my running diary. I will use this method in the Autumn to build back up to 10k (only doing short runs during busy summer season). Thanks again.

  • Thanks for all that info!

  • The plan you get from asics is based on the information you gave them. It has to be accurate to get a plan to match your capabilities. You get days off if you choose 2 or 3 runs a week. I would only choose an easy plan as the others are just way too hard. Even the easy plan is a ruddy handful 🙂

  • Interesting post and replies, i experimented with Asics plans but found it difficult to judge my pace (don't have a sports watch). thanks Nessiedog

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