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Hi, just wondering if anyone else is using the myasics app on the iPhone? I just downloaded it and it seems to sync nicely with the running plan calendar i built on the computer and actually manages and records the runs too.

Wondering how reliable it is overall in day to day use? Thinking about weaning myself off the Fitbit app, which has been a bit sketchy. Thanks!

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  • I used it for my HM plan and I've used it before. The app is fine although my one quibble is that it doesn't sync easily at the end of the run so it is still eating battery and data after I've finished. I've never found an easy way of stopping it, being too scared that it will lose the run. This may be because I tend to run where the signal can be a bit flaky anyway so if you run with good signal this may not be an issue for you.

    I like that it sends me a reminder email before my runs. I like being able to reschedule runs, except that towards the end of the latest plan I couldn't reschedule the 5k runs at all so I just ignored the whole plan and did my own thing. The voice guidance (Nagging Nancy :D ) is inaccurate but that's to be expected I guess with any phone app as opposed to a watch, but this irritates me a bit. And yes, you can turn her off, I know!

    Try it and see what you think. My advice is that if you go for a plan, make it the easy level because even the intermediate seems fiendish! Enjoy :)

  • Thanks Annie. Going to try it out right now!

  • I use the plans all the time but the app is so flaky for me, as I run off the beaten track much of the time, so i think it's unreliable. It worked One time and I thought flip me it's actually picked up a signal, but then it missed the first km. I thought it might find it but sadly not. Good job I was wearing my Garmin. Then trying to sync when it just refuses to do so drives me nuts. My Garmin works on the trail for heavens sake ๐Ÿ™„

    So most of the time I input the data manually once I get home, but the source data is invariably from Garmin

    The programme is good though so don't let probs with the app deter you

  • Thanks MW. I just tried it out and the signal was ok. The voice-over was a bit naggy, I just can't run that slow so she was constantly telling me to slow down more to 8k/km. The slowest I could do was 7.16 :). I will turn off the pace voice-over next run. The distance cues were nice though. My signal was ok in the city here. I really like the adjustable calendar, was even able to shift it to fit in my upcoming 10k race in November.

  • Just tried it out and it was not bad, apart from the Naggy Nancy telling me I run too fast over and over. I know as the distance increases I will naturally slow down more, but its frustrating now. She wanted me to go 8km/min and the slowest I could do was 7.15. Turning the pace voice off next time :) but I liked the distance cues. To be safe I went a bit longer too as these early runs are only 5-7 k.

    My signal was good and it synced well.

    Of course with all the changes today, getting out late, trying to synch up my music and Nancy and put my phone away at the same time, that I dropped everything on the pavement and had to start over. Luckily my phone survived without a scratch!

  • I'm glad you had a good time with Nancy :D As Wobble says, try and do the slower pace, she does know what she's talking about and you will get the opportunity to speed up later, honest! I very rarely get a 'Your pace is on target' - I'm always either too fast or too slow!

  • Yes, you are both right of course. I am just impatient by nature :). I will listen to Nancy and do as she says!

  • Don't rely on her totally because she is a bit flaky :D Wobble gets emails suggesting that she amend her plan; I used to but didn't for this one. Nancy obviously thought I was a hopeless case :D See how it goes but use your common sense - it will do you more good than Nance ever will!

  • Its good to know Nancy is not always playing with a full deck - OK - common sense it is! Let's see what she tells me off for next time :)) Thanks Annie.

  • The voice over, if it works at all, is useful as it slows you down so you have puff left to speed up as required by your plan pace time. just stick with it a bit before rejecting it too soon. After all,it's supposed to help you pace your race and it will if you let it. You can run slow. It's good practice and could save your bacon in races ๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿƒ Sounds Irish but you'll see what I mean

  • OK I will try - I was trying to go slower and slower and was verging on walking fast today - but I will try - the pace speeds up too as time goes on next week forward, so it will align better too.

  • You should if you do as she says achieve the race pace. Good fun trying ๐Ÿ˜ƒโœ”๏ธ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿ’ช

  • yes - ok I will try :) slowing has always been a challenge

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