My first My Asics run

Tonight was launch date for my Asics training plan. I was set to run 4.8k at a pace of 8.59 mins per k. I had to set my Garming F10 to 8.55mins though as it doesn't do single minutes and 8.55 was the slowest it would let me set it to!!

I went out with my youngest for company and we had a pleasant run through the park in the evening sunshine. I have to say I found it harder going, especially to stay at the right pace. My watch told me more times that I was ahead of pace than on it! It probably did me a lot of good though to go slower as I'm getting over yet another cold and to try and go fast would have left me in a coughing heap on the floor!

I was slightly ahead of where I was supposed to be at 8.34 mins per k averaged over the run. A good start though :)

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  • Well done neighbour

  • Thanks Paul 👍

  • Well done!🙂

  • Thanks Sandra :)

  • I found running slower was harder on my legs during the early weeks of my plan. I am now going faster, eek! Btw how do you set your f10 to do a set pace? I didn't know I could do that on mine!

  • After you tturn the watch on, press the down arrow button bottom right corner. Then you get the menu. Go into run options>virtual pace>set time

    There's loads in there. Run/walk, virtual pace, laps, pace/speed and more. I haven't investigated it nearly enough!

  • Thank you, I will add it in for my run tomorrow! I will have to explore the functions more closely, that's the issue with online manuals these days.

  • Yes - that slow pace is all the plan asks of you at the moment.

  • Another one of those to do this week then it steps up a bit!

  • And you will be looking forward to it next week - rearing to go!!!!!!!! :)

  • Indeed! 🏃🏃🏃

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