My Asics Plan - I have my first 8k to do today! 😰

Hi guys!

I'm fairly new to this forum. I completed C25k around March time and started on my journey to 10k using the MyAsics plan. I have a fairly relaxed 10k event in September (Winathlon) that although I may not be running, would like to say I could run if I wanted to. Having set my plan for this date, so far it has been pretty achievable. Unfortunately, I have been reading other posts that talk about the big jump between distances, and now this day has come upon me.

My previous runs have been 5.7k, done on a treadmill and although it's been doable, I've been getting gremlins around the 20 minute mark that I can't shift and will constantly remind me how difficult I'm finding it. Realistically I'm not, as my breathing is generally ok and my body doesn't feel like it's falling apart, just getting hot and sweaty. I'd also like to point out that I'm really not the fastest and 5.7k takes me about 48 mins.

With this in mind, I know that 8k will take me over an hour and currently I can't see me holding out that long (and I will be going slower to pace myself as well).

I suppose what I'm really asking is if anyone has any advice on how to break this mental barrier? I'm trying not to look at the time or the distance, but I get weak willed when I'm tired and I'm just looking at that next milestone to reach to keep gee-ing myself on.


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  • Please tell me you are not doing 8k on the dreadmill!!! That sounds like torture to me, especially l have just returned from a glorious run in the morning sun. It would definitely be easier outdoors.

    As you may have read, many people, myself included, abandoned the formal 10k plans and just gently increased the distance of their weekly long run, using the 10% rule as a guide, until they hit 10k. This way you are in control. Psychologically it is easier than feeling tied to a plan, especially when the increases in distance seem daunting.

    If you are running for over an hour you will need to top up your fluids and possibly need something for energy, as you will deplete your reserves. Looking at your times and reading between the lines l would suggest you move up to 7k before trying the 8k. Use the plan as a guide, but don't feel tied to it.

  • Well, I am tempted to start venturing outside, especially on a lazy bank holiday Monday (although not very sunny). The reason it's treadmill is I go to the gym with my husband every(-ish) weekday morning to motivate each other to get moving, and have a plan to follow so it's something I can stick to - I'm a bit flakey you see 😜.

    I knew a time would come where I would have to abandon the plan, and you're right, the dread I'm feeling isn't the right way to do this, but the other part of me wanted to stick it out and see it through. There was a 7.2k that I didn't manage, but only through failing to follow my route plan and accidentally cutting it short (my first outside run for a long time). Taking your advice, I might try that, especially as I've worked out where I've gone wrong now.

    Thank you for your advice. 😎

  • Hi!

    I do run a lot in the treadmill and I'm training for a 10k too.

    What I do is, my indoor training consists on inclines and speed (alternating days), for a maximum 45 minutes run. I chalange myself to get more mileage off my 45 minutes every time. Then I do one long run on the weekends. I set a very short time for my plan and I will probably not be able to run my entire 10k by the time my race comes, but I will have fun training meanwhile. :)

  • That sounds like a good plan :). Good luck with your training and your race. Might try that technique too :)

  • Oh! and I'm a snail too! But don't worry, we'll get there!

  • Hi, the mental side of running is definitely the hardest bit, where the mind goes the body will follow.

    I agree the jump does seem alot and more than the average 10% a week increase most go by, why not split the difference and aim for say 6.5 - 7 km and see how it feels , if you feel ok then carry on if not you can stop

    The plan is a guide you can modify it to suit you at any time 😊

  • Totally agree with IannodaTruffe above about the plan. I bridged 5 to 10 by increasing my weekly long run too. This meant I increased it as and when I felt comfortable! Running outside, when it's not too hot, would also be great because there is so much to see outside which stops you focusing too much on those gremlins! Good luck🙂

  • Thanks. I am seriously considering changing my running days to outside, especially whilst the weather is good. The only concern I have is my whole body ached so much for a cake of days afterwards as it wasn't used to the impact of a solid surface compared to a treadmill. Something I'll just get used to I suppose. 😝

  • I was going to say just that! Get outside and run and that 8k will pass like lightning, specially if you hit the trail rather than the road. I wouldn't run 2 yards on a dreadmill. It must be hell and give anyone the heebie jeebies never mind gremlins 😮

    I do myasics plans but you have to choose wisely or it is too hard. I go for the "easy" plan based on 3 runs a week, but even that's tough

  • Yeah, I'm doing easy 3 runs a week and I'm doing the lower end of the pace too! I am surprised when people say it feels too slow if they stick to the pace! I wish I could run faster, but luckily I have the patience to wait until it naturally comes to me.

    Looking like my husband will have to go to the gym on his own today!

  • You have to keep running to get stronger to get faster. I like doing fast 3k runs or just fartleks between trees or waste bins etc 😊 3 x 1k intervals with a break in between, where you just gently jog between the runs. I do strengthening exercises too. Lots of walking. Cycling and swimming are good too. I wouldn't push too hard at this stage as you could get hurt. The timings on the plan are there as a guide to get you to your expected race time but do ease up if you feel it's too much. Asics will tweak the plan based on your lap times fed back to them post run

    Good luck with it ☺ My plan tells me I have a 4.8 k today. Lucky me 😊

  • I'm used to just running a set pace as its been treadmill which has been useful to keep topping up my stamina and motivation, but with outside running, I won't be monitoring my pace and will probably be doing unintentional fartleks (if that is such a thing?!). Having only partially done the route I'm intending, there will be slow periods and trying not to spook any dogs that might be out, so no risk of pushing myself.

    I've been doing swimming or gyming on my rest days, although this bank holiday has seen some proper rest days employed :)

    I had no idea the my Asics plan was so sophisticated?

    Good luck with your run :)

  • They're very thorough. If you input your runs, via garmin watch, etc myasics will be keeping tabs on your progress and will email you to suggest tweaks to ensure you achieve your projected race finish time. A Garmin F10 is a nifty little gizmo 😊

  • Hmmm, I'm not sure it's doing that for me, but my guess is because I'm adding all of my stats in manually which are just overal distance and time rather than just monitoring my progress. Difficult to get it to do it when most of my runs have been treadmill, and when I do run outside, I use runkeeper so I can see my stats on my pebble. I had heard that it was comparable with runkeeper though?

  • It's OK to do it manually. I do! Distance, time taken. Myasics will calculate your average pace automatically. That's it in essence. Lap times are not necessary. Desirable maybe 😊

  • I had posted an update, but it seems to have gone awol, or I posted it to someone else's post :-s

    Just to let you all know that I went out for my run and managed not only the dreaded 8k, but did 10.79!

    I had planned my route, but I got a little lost taking a a public footpath which didn't go where I expected and just did a random loop around a farmers field!

    Took me 1h 29m 49s and I'm well chuffed! I ow it's not the fastest and there were some slower periods due to unfamiliar ground and stopping to work out where the hell I was (achieve didn't help with the supposed two blobs of 4G).


  • Fantastic! You did brilliantly :) Was it better outside? Did you get bored? Will you do it again? :D

  • Thank you! 😄

    It was so much better outside and I certainly didn't get bored! I still need to perfect my route and not get lost next time but I'm getting closer. Will be trying an early morning outside run tomorrow morning and see how I go. I'm expecting it to be a bit soggy if today is anything to go by! If it goes well I think this will be the way forward!

  • Excellent! I'm so pleased to hear that :) Well done!

  • Just seen this after posting, huge well done and I'm so happy you went outdoors... The world is a beautiful place....

  • Whenever I have a mental barrier ( which is often!!) I always change my route and I promise it works. I appreciate you run on a treadmill but I really think going outdoors will help you mentally get through this. Don't worry about your speed, your focus right now is on distance and speed can come later. Well done on your progress so far 😎

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