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1st Day on Bridge to 10k

Well after completing C25K a few weeks ago I started Day 1 of bridge to 10K. Haven't run for over a week and have eaten one too many Easter eggs over the weekend but went out along the towpath for a run with my daughter and her friend this evening and completed day 1. Slowly but steady and managed it and covered 5.8k. So pleased with the first day. Doing park run on Saturday so probably won't do Day 2 until next Monday. I really need to get back into the routine of going out 3 times a week.

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Well done - the journey to 10k is well worth doing.Lots of luck!🙂


That's a great start. Keep going and you will conquer the 10k.


Hi and well done... I did my first bridge to 10k run yesterday after a week of repeating week 9 of C25k. I'm using Samantha Murphy at the moment... don't know if its the best one for me yet (51 year old fat... not as fat as I was ... bloke). Which plan are u using and how did u find your first go?

I'm not running today as I too am planning Parkrun (only my 3rd) tomorrow... though kids want bike ride in the park... so much for a rest.

Happy running John


Hi John,

I just use the bridge to 10K app. I don't listen to any of the podcasts.

I found the first day ok, although that one minute walk between the 10 mins felt more like 10 seconds. My pace was slow as I was concentrating on not tripping and falling in the canal :-) although my pace is always on the slow side. I find if I go too fast I run out of steam and have to stop.

Looking forward to parkrun in the morning. Only my second one so I'm hoping to beat my time. Good luck in your run tomorrow.

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Hi Deb, good luck with your parkrun... I've become a bit obsessed with times and distances... especially since buying a used GPS watch on "fleabay"... Tomorrow, since I have over-indulged over Easter and my kids had me cycling around the park I'm supposed to be running in ,I am going to take it easy and TRY to ENJOY the run / jog/ walky-runny-thing I tend to do.

Regards John


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