10k a bridge to far ?

Just a brief update on my lack of progress so far haha

Took a week out , tried a 5k but only got to 3.5k .. what is going on I am thinking .. took another 4 days before then finally completing 5k with a solid but nothing fancy run followed by the same on Saturday.

maybe the longer distance will have to wait for now, I am just going to concentrate on getting back to 3 runs a week of about 5k and see how I feel on the day no pressure what ever I do .. In reality that is all I ever hoped for when starting out and really that isn't such a bad place to be at right now :D :D

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  • Hey, not_so_slow_rob, *waves frantically* I was wondering what how you were. Do you have a dose of the gremlins or are your legs just too tired? Several of us, myself and Poppypug for a start, have had a dose of tired legs recently and have had to take some time off to let them recover. It was very frustrating but we seem to be over it now.

    I think your strategy is probably the right one. Getting comfortable with your 3 runs a week again is a must, although it's easier said than done at this time of year. Why not go back to Lovely Laura and the later podcasts and see if her encouraging voice helps you on your way. Take care xx

  • I think you're right to try and run 3 times a week but just run as much as you feel like doing

    Make sure you're eating well! A good diet will make you feel so much better. Lots of sleep too or as much as possible

    Hope you feel better soon!

  • thanks miss w :) the diet and sleep are pretty good on the whole ..

    Going to just go out and run and see how I feel :D

  • TBH Am I am not really sure quite what the cause is part form the obvious old age !

    It does mostly feel like tired legs but the grem's are quite active too , it is also strange as this time last year was when I was really on it but that's life. deal with what I am doing now :D

    I am literally going to take each run as it comes :D as long as the white stiff stays away I will be out :D

    Glad you and Poppy are feeling better after the rest :D xx

  • Building and reinforcing the habit of running is the best progress. Distance and speed seem to wax and wane, but the most important thing is to get out there.

  • thanks rwg :) getting out there is the important thing come rain or shine :)

  • Hi Rob - have you thought of doing the programme again? Lots of people here have after injury or loss of mojo. It's nice to hear from you again, xxx

  • Thanks curly :) nice to hear from you also :)

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