Thanks to all inspirational posts that have helped me to achieve 10k

Hi all, I don't normally post but just wanted to say thank you for all the posts I have read whilst training for my 10k road race that was today! Just wanted to share my story as I relate to how many people feel through this journey. When I first started running I couldn't run more than 2 mins without it really making my legs ache ,wanting to cry and having to stop , I gradually built up to ten, fifteen, twenty mins etc and it took a few months to be able to run 5k without stopping. My legs still ache now but I embrace it and understand that that's part of it for me! Nothing beats that feeling of achievement once you have completed your run. I have been doing the park run since last august which is filled with lovely people and is a great way to get your run in surrounded by support! And running with an experienced runner friend of mine gradually I have has helped me improve my time! I'll never be the fastest runner and sometimes I have a wobble about whether I am a proper runner and fight the negativity that runs through my mind about whether I can get this done. However I have been training and did manage a couple of 10ks before today's race, however this was the acid test and I did it in 1hr and 5 mins and I'm truly delighted and so glad I've stuck with this! I've realised that my legs will always ache and I have to dig really deep but running past those marker signs today and crossing that finish line was just the best feeling in the world! I guess what I'm trying to say is that we are all capable of pushing through and achieving our goals in the end! I will be training to do the half marathon in October but I'll still be reading your inspirational posts! Stick with it and I know you'll all get there ! Thanks again for your help and for inspiring me with your story's and posts!!! :-)

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  • Congratulations and well done.

  • Thank you!

  • That's great well done - and in your turn you have provided inspiration and encouragement for me. I am training for 10k at the end of this month (so close now !) so it was great to read this today. Hope I do as well as you did.

  • I'm so glad to return the favour and I'm sure you'll do amazing!

  • Fantastic run and a very good time too!

  • Thank you!

  • Well done and what a fantastic time. I could only dream of those sort of times. Of course your a runner and a really good one to boot. 😀.

  • Thanks so much for your kind words and support !

  • Lovely post and well done on completing your first 10k race! ☺

  • Thanks Sandra , it's just how I felt and wanted to share and help anyone else who feels like I do sometimes :-)

  • well done on doing your first 10k race. I would like to say that's a pretty good time you should be proud, good luck with your half training and remember to build up nice and slowly.

  • Thanks for your advice! I'll definitely build up slowly and gradually increase my distances . I am proud and thx for your kind words about the time :-)

  • Good for you! That's a great time, too. Well done.

  • Congratulations and well done, that's a fantastic time for your first race - for any race!

  • You are thanking us but we should be thanking you, what a truely inspiring post! Very well done you - a brilliant 10k time too. I too have aching legs after running ... thought it would go off over time ... perhaps I should learn to embrace it like you...must make us proper runners!! Good luck training for the half marathon. I always thought I'd be happy to run for 10 mins but now I've graduated I just begin to wonder what my next goal should be.. thanks for a great post, happy running 🏃

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