Bridge to 10K


March has been a good month. After colds and awful weather at the beginning of the year I felt I finally got my teeth into running in 2017. Unless something goes badly wrong over the next 5 days I will finish March with my highest amount of mileage (about 104k), I got a PB for 10k, followed a week later by my longest distance of 11k, which a week later I topped again to reach 12k. I am consistently running 2x 5ks during the week non-stop and the last 6 weeks I have run over 20k consistently every week. So all in all a lot of good solid mileage which I'm not finding too tiring. My legs must be getting stronger, I found 100k in December pretty exhausting.

On the other hand my speeds are all over the place and there's no improvement on the shorter distances. A 5k is sometimes as tiring as a 10k and I'm not surprised if I plod round in 39 mins for 5k (I was faster at graduation over a year ago!).

Then again I managed to squeeze an easy 7km in this morning before we went out for the day. And that would have been impossible a year ago.

So a mixed bag - and still a lot of work ahead of me🏃👍😎

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Sounds like a decent amount of running going on there JaySeeSknny - well done! Building up your stamina nicely.It is funny isn't it, that 5k can still seem tiring even when you are increasing those longer runs?! 🙂

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Yes, it's a strange thing - running.

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Well done, that's good distances :)


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