Park Run and a 10K goal

Been a while since I posted, been busy with my new business. however that has not stopped me running. I did my first park Run just prior to Christmas 2016 and loved running with other people, and yes I know its not a race, but I cannot help but sprint the last 100 meters, makes me feel 16 again :-)

so goals this year are to

1. complete 50 park runs before the end of the year ( currently on 6 )

2. build up my weekly mileage so that my long run will be 10K

3. and this is a biggy get my 5K to under 25 mins ( currently timed PB is 28:08 )

4. to get down from 14 Stone to 11 stone my ideal weight ( racing snake size :-) )

5. bear in mind if I get discouraged that this time last year I could not run for more than a minute at a time !!!!!! :-)

I wish you all a good new year and happy running


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  • That's quite a big ask but you can break it down into smaller chunks, and crack on.

    5k under 25 minutes is really quite hard but parkrun is the place to practice I guess. As you do your runs you will get stronger and stronger, making faster speeds possible. It's all about putting the practice in, eating well etc etc. With your improved diet you should find it easier to go quicker. I always find I go quicker when I'm running a bit lighter.

    Have fun!

  • Those are great goals, definitely achieveable, not easy but then goals shouldn't be 😏 I wish you luck with them all.

  • Great goalsπŸ˜€ Do you have an action plan to meet them?

  • an action what ? πŸ˜‰ I do need to research one any ideas welcome. At moment in just running 3 times a week

    curently approx 7k 5k and 3k then need to look at diet arrghhhhh

  • Them's my runs ( when I am back on form), well, 3K, 5K and about 8 or 9 K... they work!

    Diet... well lose the word diet, scary I feel.. I prefer a new eating regime... :)

  • Nice to see you back Nick :) sounds like you'll be going great guns, my 5k PB is similar time so we can egg each other on a bit! :)

  • Nice to be back :-) a little friendly competition sounds good :-)

  • Welcome back Nick, its nice to see you on here again.

    Good Luck with your goals xxx

  • Hello Nick - try audiofuel to speed up your running. It really worked for me ( I think wanawig is a fan too).

  • Great goals and quite challenging!

    A case of " If it doesn't challenge you it doesn't change you" maybe?

    16? Hmm I think I remember that ?

    Great to see you back x

  • :-)

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