First year progress

First year progress

I was looking at my Garmin stats for my year since graduating and it is an interesting picture! In November 2016, I was finding my feet after graduating and trying to create a running habit hence my lower monthly mileage. December saw some hip flexor issues so I kept going out but didn't chase distance whilst stretching. January was a new year and a new goal of a 10k so training began in earnest and so did my mileage. February I achieved that elusive 10k but fell off a curb jarring my back in the process. That resulted in a spell on the IC, boohoo. Rest and painkillers got me back running in march with a new plan over March to May to get back to 10k for an event at the beginning of June. Post event I had the blues and needed to find some mojo for the rest of June. July was the start of the guilt battle between running and the kids being home on holidays! I remedied this with the trio accompanying my runs on their bikes whilst I started a 10 mile training plan for July-October! The mileage has gone up again in the last couple of months until I reached 10 miles. My pace has improved from my c25k days from 11 minute miles to 9.35-10.25 minute miles when my legs play the game, spikes in pace are evident in June and October from the training plans. Now I need to keep the flow of running going despite my ankle niggles. I hope to keep running 30+ miles a month if I can. I am proud of my journey and hope this continues as my new way of life.

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  • I hope so too! It's good for the kids to have an active mum. Your ankle should get stronger as you keep running

  • It's really interesting to look back in that way,you've done so well in just a year! It took me lots longer to get to 10 miles! Doing brilliantly runfasterdoyle 😆🏃🏃🏃✔

  • It's really good to look back and see where the peaks and troughs have been, and to measure your progress. You have done so well! May you have many more years of happy running :)

  • Great post 👍🏻 I never had any firm goals, and I still don't. Maybe I need some! It's really encouraging to see the come backs you made after injury, and how you got your children involved. It'll be interesting to see how your journey continues. Happy running!

  • You've come a long way, and it's very interesting to look back over a year and see how the ups and down matches what went on. I hope you do manage to "latch on to" the current fitness and keep your mileage where you want it to be. Happy running!

  • I’ve only got 6 months of Garmin stats so far, but do find things like this fascinating. It’s like a picture of your life! The mileage is slowly creeping up and you’re doing really well!

  • It must be motivating to see your progress all at once like this. It really is your running story. Congratulations on an amazing year!

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