Muddy 10k - ☺

Had to take an extra rest day due to rubbing from my wet socks and trail shoes leaving me with a bit of a tender patch on one ankle. Back out today though for another 10k, again on the trails and another muddy, undulating journey through the Surrey countryside! It may be tricky, but fields and mud are definately good for improving strength and balance! Now I've got home to a power cut, so my hot shower will have to wait!😠 Happy running everyone☺


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8 Replies

  • Wow.. sounds like fun to me.. apart from the 'no hot shower' but, apart from that :)

    10 K though that sort of terrain, not easy...but clearly very, very satisfying.

    Go you :) x


    I agree on the balance...! I was like a tightrope walker yesterday trying to balance on the dry bits above the troughs of mud!!!

  • ...and of course, there are the muddy bits where, in true Going on a Bear Hunt style -"can't go over it, can't go under it, oh no! we'll have to go through it"😮

  • well done Sandra! sounds like fun in the mud! we are just off out down the seafront with George once Paul turns up! leaving dinner on in oven turned down low so it'll be ready when we get back :)

  • Have fun!😀

  • nice and calm down there! but tired legs! :(

  • yummy..enjoy...and if you have chance check out Realfoodieclub 's post on The London Mile..maybe a plan for next year 🙂

  • that might work!! :)

  • Love the sound of your run . . . . but no shower! Yikes that's tough. (Hope it's sorted now!)

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