Lovely muddy 10K trail ...and dog hurdling on a Saturday morning😮!

I have kept my distance down to 5k for the last couple of weeks following a bit of a niggle and went out today hoping for a better longer run again. Happy to report I managed a 10k trail though some very sticky mud in places whilst it poured with rain the whole way round💦! It was great to be stretching out my run again as the local bridleways and fields where I live are so beautiful. Quite quiet out today, I assume because of the weather - but still had to act quickly when a flat coated retriever decided to run across my path at the last minute, resulting in a rather comical effort at hurdling it, in order to not fall over it! Owner was very apologetic and I have to admit (as I had managed to successfully stay upright) I did find it quite amusing😀!

Back home for a lovely hot shower and now no longer sporting the drowned rat look!

Happy running this weekend everyone🙂!


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12 Replies

  • Well done sandra a great run , including dog hurdling , is that in the olympic's now lol

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

  • ..well if it is a new event, I don't rate my chances of selection! 🙂

  • Well done, we r running twins! I had got up to 13k once but niggle in knee made me have a week off and then I have been sticking to 5k. Glad I forced myself to take it easy, 2 X 5k and today a 10k. I feel tired but my legs are stronger. Still going to do just one long run a week and will stick to another 10k next week. I think it is worth sloshing through mud and long grass because although it is tiring, Tarmac running gives the legs more of a pounding. Keep up the excellent running. Do u have any events coming up?? Julie 😀

  • Glad you are back up to 10K too Joolie! I do have an event coming up in May. I had originally planned to run a nice flat 10K in March but it unfortunately clashed with my son's 'Drama showcase' - so next I have an 'undulating' 10K Bluebell trail run in May! A more challenging course but I do love trails and am seeking out more undulating runs to prepare for it😮! My sister is trying to tempt me to sign up for the Bristol HM in September but am not committing yet! Will see how my trail run goes first!

    I remember you have entered a HM - when is that?

  • Wow! Good for you, I have the Stamford 10k Race for Life in June and then the Northampton Half Marathon in September! In my mind, this should be achievable for me because I have allowed plenty of time to reach those distances without hammering myself, but I am a little apprehensive! Just sticking to my plans clocking up my 5ks twice a week, then gradually increasing my 10k distance once a week. I prefer running in the countryside too and don't mind a small hill or too, I tend to plod on and on at almost an even pace anyway. Just need to make sure my knees are ok and will be sticking to soft ground as much as I can. Once we get drier weather, we can go to some new places without drowning in puddles!! Julie

  • Great plan, and I agree you have plenty of time to gradually build up that HM distance. Good luck!🙂

  • Well done on your 10k Sandra! Sounds like a lovely soggy run! :) i had that drowned rat look after parkrun today! :X

    Dogs can be troublesome eh? i went down the beach thurs night with George and when we were on the sand he was trying his game of trying to nip your ankles and training whilst i tried to stay upright!! :) did make me laugh though!!

  • Thanks Ali! I have yet to have had any dogs nipping at my heels thankfully, but I dare say it might result in a new PB if I did!☺

  • Woo Hoo , Well done Flying Sandra ! :-) xxx

  • Didn't feel like I was flying today Poppy! But it was fab despite the rain☺! How are you doing?

  • Im fine Sandra thanks !

    Im going out tomorrow , fingers crossed as according to the Daily Mail there is 6 inches of snow coming our way, although they have been known to slightly exaggerate in the past ! :-) xxx

  • Have good one!


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