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Bridge to 10K
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I did it! Another 10k

Thanks for all your words of encouragement!

I set my alarm got my gear on and went out and ran!! another 10k only my second ever & have new PB!

I can do this!!

Have a good running wknd everyone.


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Congratulations!πŸ˜ƒ Take care now! Don’t do 10k every time Out will you. Do Shorter distances too such as 3k’s, 5k and 8k.

Mixing things up, and not going too fast, will help you increase, still using the 10% rule

Good luck πŸ‘


Thanks so much.

What’s the 10% rule?



Yes you can! I'd say you'd already got it. Enjoy.

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That's brilliant, a big well done to you. Don't forget to ask for your badge πŸ™‚


It’s a great feeling, isn’t it. Well done you!

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Well done!

I was going to reply to your last post but it looks like u r getting your mojo back. 3 stone lost Wow. I'm about 2 stone lighter but i don't look as good as u.

I have graduated C25K and am now trying to use the Sami Murphy runs to move to 10k as recommended by Misswobble (about Christmas time I did a 15k run but it took me 2.5 hours so maybe run isn't the right term).

Have you done Parkrun...? I'm starting to get into that which is more about getting quicker. I'm pushing 52 (years old not minutes for 5k) and recently logged a pb of a few seconds under 35min. I was really chuffed as I had been managing 40 mins.

I've also tried fartlek training... its sort of fast and slow on the same run. Other people use a Zombie App... I think its sort of role play running where you have to speed up when the zombies are about to get u!!!

Weight wise your success is an inspiration so please keep it up.

Happy running

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Thanks so much!

I think I need to stop over thinking it and just run.

It’s just I need to book something? Park run first maybe?

Thinking about a half marathon?! But a bit anxious about how to

Get there from 10k.

I’ll look into some of your recommendations thanks very much for your kind words.


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Ha ha..."I think I need to stop over thinking" that's the story of my life. I was nervous about park run and left it till about week 8 of C25K as I was worried I'd make a prat of myself. i even went to watch 1 sat morning as a sort of reccie!!! Now I've done 8. "Enjoy"... sot of... I enjoy finishing them. But its all very relaxed and at the ones I go to a lot of people walk and run (I believe its called "Jeffing"????).

Give it go. Happy running

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