Late starter and emergency sports bra

Hi all.

I have been running for a while, but haven't posted anything for ages. Sorry I have just been spying on you all. I started late to the bridge to 10k and only started week 2 last night. I thought week 2 run 1 was 4 x 12 minute runs on my plan with a 1 min walk between. Anyway, after running out of the village and into the next one the ipod bleeped to tell me to walk. It turns out it was 3 x 15 min runs last night. They went well despite wearing my emergency sports bra as my shock absorber was in the wash. I managed 7k last night and last week did a 6 5k, 7k and 5k. So tomorrows run will be longer fingers crossed. I should get that 10k in a few weeks πŸ˜€

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  • Hi there πŸ˜€ It sounds like you are doing well. Gradually chewing up the distance over the weeks is the best way forward, breaking it down bit by bit. Once you crack it will be a great day πŸ˜ƒ It will really open up your running

    Best of luck with it. Have fun 😊

  • Emergency sports bra? I have about seven...

    Do I have a bit of a problem?

  • I only have one that fits me well I am a 30G so it is difficult and expensive to find a good one. My shock absorber is now a very sas looking grey. I do need to invest in some more though.

  • Check on eBay for cheap Shockabsorbers because there are quite a few non-standard sizes for very good prices if you don't mind what colour you have. You shouldn't need to pay more than about Β£16, I wouldn't have thought. Oh, Wiggle might have them too. Good luck!

  • Slow and steady...(especially in the emergency sports bra :) ) Well done you!

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