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I fell off the treadmill!


Resorted to using the treadmill last Tuesday evening as I was desperate to run and frustrated by the dark winter evenings. I've done cross-trainers before, but hardly ever used a running machine. I was bored after 90 seconds. After 15 minutes, I was joined a few machines away by a lady I knew so we started to chat. And then I turned towards her. You know what happens next.

The carpet in that gym is REALLY rough and had taken off several layers of skin, which my knee was particularly attached to.

The good news is that my husband tells me no one can look at the CCTV footage unless there's a 'safeguarding issue'. But I do have plenty of friends who are very keen to watch it!

I'm running outside tomorrow and hoping to get up to 8k. Forecast is for heavy rain all day but it's got to be safer than that running machine!

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Ouchy! Hope it heals quickly.


I've done that, my shoe laces came undone and I trod on them.... I pressed the big red STOP button, but it didn't really do anything. I went a very long way, nearly took out someone on a rowing machine behind me, holed my jogging bottoms, actually scarred my elbow on the carpet. And I felt a prat!


Hi, reading your post reminded me of the Peter Kay video when Ronny Cotbett fell off the treadmill. lol

I hope your 8k goes well today.

Timely for me, I was about to try out a treadmill tomorrow! Think I'll pass. Poor you and your poor knee, sounds very painful. Hope you can still run comfortably tomorrow

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Steer clear, Bop! I've got a mental image of Curlygurly2 being flung at a guy on a rowing machine!


Oh bless! You poor thing! I always knew those treadmills were evil things ( a necessary evil for some of course)

You'll be able to compare grazes with misswobble


Ouch, you poor thing, hope you heal quickly and it doesn't affect your progress.


Hope your run today was ok.. knee not too sore.

You really have to concentrate on those treadmills don't you, they're not fun😐

Sounds like Gary turned up to sabotage your run indoors too..Good for you for trying, i used to watch tv when I was on one (used to time it for Pointless which was 40 mins..perfect😉)


Yes, Pointless would be good! But I'm avoiding those machines for now! I did manage my 8k this afternoon in the drizzly gloom, but it wasn't boring and, apart from a slightly cronky hip towards the end, it went well!

My goal is a 10k in the Olympic park on 4th March. They do 10k runs the first Saturday of the month. I'm pleased I've got something to aim for.

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Sounds like a good plan.Good luck.😊x


Oh blummin eck! I knew no good ever came of dreadmills! ☹️

Hope you're feeling ok now 🙂


Ouch, ouch, ouch, that sounds very unpleasant. Glad it didn't stop you from running today.

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