Fell in the woods!

Fell in the woods!

Trail running is my favourite and I often think as I hop, skip and jump over tree roots, fallen branches and muddy puddles that I must concentrate hard and watch every inch of ground to avoid an accident.  I was thinking that today on a narrow track with a drop on both sides when I suddenly felt my foot catch on something and over I went.  First time I ever fell on a run too. Thankfully, I landed on soft undergrowth and slowed my fall by putting out my hand as a brake in the soft mud.  Slight bruise on my knee but apart from that, able to carry on!  Don't think it will stop my running adventuring any time soon but it does make me think about safety running alone - would have to phone my husband at work to come n rescue me, bless him, he came home early to check I was ok 😍

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  • Noooo. Horrid! 

    I do not like the idea of falling at all.. especially,as you say when we are out and about on the wilds!.

    Poor you, but lucky it was not too bad! Lovely hubby too :)

  • Falling over is a bit of a worry and I've done it on numerous occasions, but so far nothing serious has happened. Which does give you confidence a) that your reflexes are still there and not too bad and b) that your bones aren't just brittle sticks waiting to snap at the first opportunity. 

    I tripped once on the stairs, shot my hands out and pushed myself off the steps back upright without even realizing. The friends I were with laughed that this was a novel way of doing press ups. I just thanked my lucky stars that my reflexes worked!

    Hope there's no damage done!

  • Glad it is only minor scrapes and bruises JoolieB1 😊

  • Oooo nasty Jools. Glad you're ok!

    As for phoning the hubster to save you..... I phoned mine yesterday at the end of my run. He didn't even know I had phoned until I walked through the door & told him so!!! Glad I was only checking our milk situation before buying more!!!!! 

  • Funny but so far we are all ok even though we have had a few close calls!  I guess because I am older at 52, falls are serious but I have quite a bit of padding and run on soft ground mostly.  Not even a bruise so I must be a good roller!  Hard run at 11 km but it was on very rough ground so my ankles are tender and I stopped several times to catch my breath, another one under my belt!

  • Ouch, I hope you are ok. It's horrible when that happens. I always carry a foil blanket with me should I get into trouble as the worst thing is getting really cold. Take care 😎

  • excellent idea!

  • Ouch - glad you're ok! I adore that photo :)

  • Yes be careful! A friend of mine out running at night tripped over a tree root while running down hill and went flying bashing her face near the mouth, she wasn't wearing a head light, but I wasn't going to read her the riot act, she is 59! Think she now realises she needs a head light when running in low light. I hate to see my friends get injured like that! Thankfully she's OK now and the swellings gone down!☺

  • I think we're all gonna come a cropper at some point. It goes with the territory.  Fortunately the worst that usually  happens is that we snag our tights. Aaaagh, horrors!  

  • Have a small graze on my hand but my running gear is fine, thankfully 😍

  • Hi @joolieB1, hope you're ok? Fab distance on tricky ground..looks like a jungle out there; take care - x

  • It was a stop start type of run.  My ankles were sore after the rough ground gave me a bashing.  After a day of rest, feel better already so gonna have another rest day, running on Thursday now and just a 5k!  Decided I will be a bit more sensible and not go adventuring but stick to known paths because my 10k event is in 6 weeks!

  • Well done you, you've got this adventure in the palm of your hand😊

  • One of those situations when you can't look 10 paces ahead. Those pesky tree roots grabbed your ankle, picturing you just like Snow White running through the forest but with Princes Fionas attitude.

  • Funny picture of me.  I nearly laughed out loud when I knew I was reclining on soft leaves.  Seriously though, I need to consider making my runs less risky, going off grid in unknown rough fields is not helping my legs really, they are ok this time but I can stick to soft ground in places I know are ok.

  • Your title sounds like a horror film! Glad you were ok. It could have been worse.

  • Exactly, I found it funny knowing I was ok but imagine,mi hit my head on something hard, twisted my ankle and couldn't stand, cut my hand on a sharp rock!  I do need to be more careful while still having adventures!  10k event in June!

  • I'm glad you're okay!  It does make you think (occasionally!) about what might happen, but I note that it doesn't seem to stop any of us :D  Lovely pic.

  • The fun of running in the wilds and on rough ground seems to be thrilling afterwards so I probably won't learn but taking a look at what I am doing 😀 a bit more carefully!

  • i think if you trail run then your going to fall over a few times, i have luckily never hurt myself to bad.  

    You just have to take that you will fall over and just try and prepare for it, i think good advice from ju-ju- about the foil and make sure you have your phone on you. 

    But glad your ok this time. 

  • I've had so many 'nearlys' out running... so far only once hit the ground (a bramble ran after me and grabbed me by the ankle) The worst part about that one was realising some while later that I'd lost my car keys and having to go back... in the rain. I was quite chuffed that I had far fewer consequences as a result of that fall than I usually have, possibly because I was running and got up and ran on which prevented all the adrenalin from doing unhelpful things. How are you today?

    I kind of hope someone would notice the dog... and I have a dog whistle as well as my phone. 

    Orienteers have to take a whistle out with them and it doesn't take up much room so worth a thought? 

    One thing that really annoys me is when people park across forest access roads. I always think "How are they going to get my ambulance to me?"

  • Bless ur dog, would he stay with u or abandon u to a rabbit trail?  I am totally fine today thanks, just a red mark on my hand where I shielded myself from mud in my mosh!  Tiny bruise on the knee but nothing that will stop me fro a 5k run on Thursday, decided to put in 2 day rest to allow my ankle to rest and recover but I am good to go, thanks!!  Julie

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