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My Running week

Hello to all you lovely people!

So it has been a while for me, I have had an extended break from running due to my feet. I went to get my shoes checked out and it seems I have run them into the ground already. Apparently even after losing all my weight I am still a heavy foot striker, who knew!! I certainly didn't. So that's the reason apparently that I am getting so many blisters as my shoes have lost their compression. I have to say that I was surprised, so the plan is to try and nurture the shoes until Christmas so I will be running a bit less than normal. Not an ideal situation in terms of getting some decent training in but needs must. I also purchased, in my case, the most expensive running socks ever £14 for a pair of socks!!!!! Still I have worn them 3 times and so far no blisters. Now I realise it is probably a combination of less running and the socks that have helped, but so far so good this week. I ran Monday, just a gentle 5k as I hadn't run in nearly 3 weeks, I ran a light set of intervals on a treadmill on Wednesday, and then another 5k today. I was surprised by my time today 28.22 considering I have been worried about losing my conditioning. I didn't even fall over at the end which was a major plus!

So the plan going up until Christmas will be to not run as far as normal, so no 10ks for me for a little while and then after Christmas (assuming MrsMat30 plays along) a new pair of shoes and then I can try and improve my times. Its a shame as I was hoping to build on my times right through the winter to make some improvements but there you go. In the grand scheme of things I am only competing against myself so its only in my head that I am being let down.

Anyway I hope that you have all been well and enjoyed my absence from rambling, I will subject you to it now that I am hopefully back. Stay well, and injury free and keep on running!

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Another rambler.. yeay! It isn't just me then.. wow.. I look forward to a kindred spirit :)

Welcome back...great runs and a great time after an absence. I feel sometimes, we are our own hardest competition along with the mind gremlins!

Maybe if you are very good. the old chap with the red suit and the white beard may bring you, your shoes.. with a little help from your wife!

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Let's hope so Oldfloss :-)

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