Sami Murphy B210k - first week finally over

When is autumn coming? With dismay I realised the weather at the weekend was going to be brilliant again - that means I don't get my long run in, because I can't get up early enough to get out when it's cool. This morning I thought I could at least get the last run of week 1 of the B210k over and done with. Because I'm doing other things aswell (intervals) this programme is going really slowly. Plus, if I'm honest I'm not finding it easy and called off one of the runs last weekend because it just wasn't going to happen! Today was also hot, about 22C by the time I got back and I was probably not particularly well-fueled or prepared. Yesterday there was another street festival in Munich and I drank too much again. I also didn't eat much (and certainly not the right things), but hey, I want to live and I had a great time. This morning I felt it but I wanted to get this run over. The only thing that kept me going over the last 10 minutes was the thought that I would have to do it again if I didn't carry on. The last km was really not pretty (and also the slowest), but I did it and can now move on to week 2. I'm looking forward to it, the music on these podcasts is not bad, has a bit more pep to it than Laura and the songs are real. So I wonder what W2 has in store (music-wise, I know what is expected of me running). I'm not fast and I don't think I ever will be, but I'm happy with about 7mins/km and I hope autumn and cooler weather will help me improve.

And it does feel good afterwards. A certain inner smugness!

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  • Hi that inner smugness, its good isn't it.😄😉

  • Looking forward to starting this tomorrow.. excited to be beginning another program .. great to know your running ahead jsee.. Will be great to have your experience to follow :)

  • Brilliant work :)

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