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Hi I finally came over!


Hi there!

I graduated c25k in February and felt that no way could I ever do 10k! But recently I made it to 8k so I think I am finally ready to go for it and build up to 10k!

My main reason for not doing so before is because out of my three runs a week I can only run longer than 40-45 minutes on the weekend.

8k took me 55 mins (with the 5 mins walks either end) so I estimate 10k taking a max of 70-75 mins.

I'm just not sure how to build up? Maybe adding 5 mins to my one long run a week for like 4 weeks? Then add another five mins etc?

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Welcome here. Yeah, pretty much what you said. Here’s the ju-ju- magic 10k plan healthunlocked.com/bridgeto...

You’re already well into it and it’s one long run a week! Enjoy closing out your journey.

Ju-Ju's plan definitely works! I didn't follow it to the letter (I took longer than 8 weeks because life got in the way) but I stuck with the idea of longer runs versus shorter recovery runs and (also shorter) interval/hill run combos each week and I firmly believe that it spared me the peroneal tendonitis that I managed to develop when I went stupid last summer. Now I'm sticking with 3 weekly runs, two shorter and one 8-10k, and I'm really enjoying it. I might try to go further at some point -- we'll see! Good luck in reaching 10k -- you're nearly there!

Oh that sounds perfect! One long run and two shorter will suit my schedule brilliantly! I don't have a time limit goal either so I don't mind how long it takes!

Oh, I don't know if this is relevant to you, but just in case it is: I chose the distance versus the time option of Ju-Ju's plan. I'd rather aim to run 'x' number of kilometres in whatever time I can to suit how I feel, the temperature etc. as opposed to chasing a time target that might be doable one day but isn't remotely achievable for me on another. (TBH, I also find that doing it this way means I can adjust the kilometre target, if I have to -- sometimes, I'll run for longer, if I have it in me; other times, I'll have to accept that 9 or 10km isn't going to happen and go for 7 or 8km instead). I got a bit fixated on 10km last summer, and I somewhat lost sight of the fun element of running. This way, I enjoy it more.

I can see that! I don't want to make it too much of a chore. As long as I run I am happy. But doing 7ks on Sundays for a while now and then an 8k has made 10k seem more achievable. I love it when, usually after 3k, something just clicks with my running and I get this feeling that I don't want to stop! But then eventually I just have to. Either because of time or my stamina runs out.

For me time is a major factor. On weekdays I run after work but before the school run so I only have that 40-45 min window. But on Sundays I leave the kids in bed and go about 6-7am in the morning. I don't like leaving the kids so I haven't wanted to be too long but they are 13 and almost-8 so not too little now. So I think it will be OK if I am 60-70 mins. And they both know how to phone me. So for that reason I will have to go by time rather than distance and then see when I reach 10k. 8k was 55 mins for me.


Welcome, CM. This forum is just as good as the other one.

If you’re at 8K you are virtually there. Good luck!

Well I've only reached 8k once! Last Sunday! But thank you!!

Stephen_UKGraduate10 in reply to CrimsonMama

You can add 1K per week, so you are less than a fortnight away.


Welcome! 🤗

UnfitNoMore has sent you a link for the plan.. But because it's so awesome here it is again healthunlocked.com/bridgeto...

You're very close! I'd say you've just done week 3, so I'd be looking at week 4.. But it's up to you, whatever you feel comfortable with.

Really is good to see you here! You'll be graduating in no time! 😁

CrimsonMama in reply to Hidden

Thank you! Yes was thinking the same with week 4. Weirdly enough the timed plan is pretty much what I was planning to do anyways! Glad I was on the right track. Must have picked up a few things from my time on c25k! Lol


Hi - I was same as u ! Try not to be too rigid with urself, if ur out doin 8 k then ur body can certainly manage that extra 2k . I was hoovering at 8k for ages then just thought to myself if I feel not too bad I’m just gonna push for that extra 2 & felt amazing. Don’t plan it just let it happen....

CrimsonMama in reply to Dbbd

Thanks for the advice! I am going to try to do 8k for a few weeks before attempting further! Will def base it on how I feel and ready my body is!


The main thing to be aware of , in addition to the brilliant advice given already, is that you should not increase your weekly running total by more than 10%. The magic plan is based on this formula.

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