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Hi, Hope everyone is well. Life is getting in the way of running - and will be until the kids go back to school in September. I'm trying to work out the best way of trying to maintain some levels of fitness. I have a very short space of time everyday 20-30 mins - is it worth running everyday for this amount of time ? - will there be any benefit ? Should I vary pace from day to day or go fast ? Would I be better off doing HIIT workouts ? I may be able to get a long run in on one day at the weekend, but it is not for sure. Thanks for any advice :)

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  • I think you're have to build up running every day as it would be a strain on the body, but you could try short bursts of other exercise. Get yourself a skipping rope (surprisingly hard I find!), find some YouTube clips for strengthening or stretching or even aerobic exercises. Even running up and down the stairs would get your heart rate gong! Could you borrow a treadmill or stationary bike from a nice friend?

  • The Audiofuel Pyramid 180 interval session is short and sweet and would fit into that available time.

    How about doing the strength and flexibility podcasts with your children?

  • I have an exercise bike which you can pedal while you are watching TV or on computer or reading. I got it from a TV shopping channel but there are other outlets that do them. I only use if I really can't get out to run or cycle. I was lucky in that I was able to cycle to or 3 times a week to work which incorporated some exercise into a busy schedule. Work and life can interfere with exercise and health. Hope you can sort out a plan for the future.

  • Thanks for all your advice. I'm going to run two days and then skip or bike - as you say anything to increase heart rate on the third day - repeat. Fingers crossed everyday short bursts will help reduce the fitness I will lose over the next few weeks. The sudden lack of time is down to an increase in work (self employed) rather than just the kids being about. Think I was flapping a bit when I wrote the post - now in less flap more productivity mode :)

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