Fitness related

Fitness related

My running in 2017 hasn't been that brilliant. I'm getting out there (good), but the runs are short (4-5 k) and a bit of a struggle. This may have something to do with the weather here in Munich- winter has arrived big style, bringing with it lots of snow, slippery pathways, sudden snow drifts and making running a hard slog. Plus I've been doing some hiking in the mountains with friends (hubby is working) and I am definitely feeling the mountains in my thighs! Today we hiked for 3 1/2 hours round a few alpen lakes - it was minus 17! I've never walked any distance in that temperature before, but apart from my eyes streaming with the cold, causing my glasses to steam and then ice up, it was fantastic. Beautiful blue skies, pure, virgin snow. A picnic at a lake side - standing and rather short because we didn't want to get cold - and ending up in a lovely, picturesque Bavarian restaurant for a well-earned lunch. I suppose it's a different way of keeping fit, ploughing uphill through about 12 inches of virgin snow certainly trains your legs. I hope I'm not too stiff tomorrow - cos I really need to run again.

Here are a few pictures to give you an impression of how beautiful it all is!

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  • Wow how beautiful! I'd be off skiing with snow like that :D

  • That truly is lovely, lucky you!

  • Looks lovely Jaysee, but please don't send it over to the uk.πŸ˜†

    That walks sounds like a good workout so don't worry about doing long runs. Keep warm and take care.x

  • Beautiful! The walk sounds lovely but yes it is hard work tramping through fresh snow! I love it but we haven't got much snow in the Highlands at the moment because it is very mild.

  • Oh, what beautiful photos JaySeeSkinny! ❄️ You are excused a few runs in those conditions and I am sure trudging through drifts of snow is great for your fitness, despite the cold! I would gladly give up a run or two to have a little bit of a proper winter here in Surrey. Sadly, it doesn't happen very often so I will just keep up with the runnning!πŸ™‚

  • Jayseeskinny, the photos are beautiful. I'm quite jealous of your snow, but probably wouldn't want to run in it. Hope you get some warmly weather soon.

  • Great pics! Having a great time in the snow, doesn't matter about not running for now, enjoy and catch-up with the runs when you can..😊

  • Wow JC. Looks great. We have no snow here, just an ice layer which makes running, cycling an everything dangerous. I'm sure hiking in all the snow, you will stay just as fit as if you were running

  • Brrrrrr. Lovely photos. Just think how those running muscles are getting a great workout hiking through all that. I bet your fist run after that is going to be faster with all that work and the running break.

  • Looks amazing, make sure you stretch when you can, after working your thighs you don't want them to tighten up too much.

  • Absolutely stunning.

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