10k...and mystery illness

At last! I managed to run 10k in the Race for Life last Sunday, although the course looked as if it had been plotted by Satan on one of his bad days. So hilly, so grassy, so difficult! Still, all in a good cause. I was delighted to have done it in 1hr 12 minutes. However, by Tuesday I had been struck down by a mystery illness, with all sorts of strange symptoms and, after lots of blood tests and a dose of steroids, I haven't run in a week. I'm really missing it but it will be a few more days until I'm ready to ease back in. One more challenge I've ticked off my list this year- 10k, without passing out on the way round 😄 Good luck to everyone else who is taking part in Races for Life this summer x

4 Replies

  • Take care and look after yourself, sounds like lots of tlc needed, speedy recovery and well done on your 10km, great time, especially with hills.

  • Liking the achievement, not the illness ... maybe it was bodyshock!! ;-) Hope all well again soon :-)

  • Well done on your 10k and get better soon!

  • Great job on your 10k, its always a plus to not pass out! Hope you feel better soon and don't rush back into running when you do feel better take your time.

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