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Well apparently I can run a km in two minutes!! I had the run keeper ready to go once I'd done my warm up but it must have been recording distance before I pressed the workout button. Then when things were getting quite tough I apparently did a 4 minute km. well the times are clearly up the pole but I think the distances were about right so ran 5.5 km in about 35 minutes on the Stamina podcast. Makes me wonder if I was as fast as I thought I was earlier in the week. Frustrating when you can't trust the data. Anyway I'll repeat both those runs again and see how they compare with what was recorded here. I'm using the free version if RK. Is it telling me I need to upgrade? But GPS is GPS isn't it? It can't read inaccurately on a whim can it? Bother bother bother!

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  • Congratulations on the new PB ;).

    My Garmin watch occasionally goes haywire, usually around tall buildings or under large leafy trees, or just a random jog in the route. Doesn't happen often, but frustrating when it does.

  • Yeay.. go you... ! :)

    My tech stuff all went completely mad yesterday... no phone, no Garmin , no nothing!

    Spent several frustrating minutes pressing everything, much to the delight of a dog-walker.. then just ran naked! :)

    So aggravating for you...I feel you were and are as fast as you thought! :)

  • My Garmins gone haywire once, when I first got it. I always make sure it locates sattelites first, and have no problems wether near buildings or under trees or covered with a sleeve, brilliant piece of kit!

  • Lots of people speak well of garmins. I must investigate...

  • Yep my garmin refused to find the satelites for the first 5 mins of Fridays & at least 10 mins of sats run... I blame the weather.

    Great run though. Go you! ☺

  • Morning noaky, how do you locate the sattelites? do you push the button to locate as you go out of the door & let it find them while on your warm up walk with the Garmin facing one sky? or stand still outside while finding them? they say to stand still while finding, but mine doe's it OK while I'm moving😊

  • Afternoon Dave! I normally set it going to find them during the warm up walk which normally works. However the last couple of times even stopping for a bit didn't help. I think it might just be the weather up there.........

  • Hi noaky, how long have you had your watch. Even though you charge it, the lithium battery will degrade and need replacing eventually, maybe 4 years? (depends on what model you have) if so, then yours may just be starting to playup. Some batteries can be changed easily by the user or some need soldering by an expert, my fr210 is the latter.

    The way to make these lithium batteries last longer from new is not to run them right down until they have to be charged from flat, best to always keep them topped right up, as heavy discharge & recharge cycles put more wear & tear on the battery..

    So if it keeps on giving aggro, then suspect battery...

  • Thanks Dave. I've only had it about a year so fingers crossed its not the battery just yet. I've not been out since Sunday so will try it again on my next outing & see what happens. It might just be a glitch. PS its a FR10.........

  • Good watch, my wife's ordered one, waiting for it to come..

  • I like it. It has more than enough on it for me! ☺

  • I struggled with Runkeeper for about a year before giving in and buying a Garmin. RK regularly switched itself off in the middle of runs, most frustratingly when I as doing a virtual race and had to show proof that I'd done it, cut corners off, had me running over roof tops, 2 minute KMs, taking 2 days to upload....I love my Garmin, yes it has weird little glitches, but nothing like RK....

  • Oh, and I found RK overestimated too, I was disappointed with my pace and distance when I swapped over, but better to be accurate I think.

  • Oh crikey! I don't want to discover I'm even slower!!

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