Hmm - maybe??

I completed a 24K run/walk last Wednesday - and have been quite sluggish ever since. On Saturday I went out for an easy 30 minute jog and called it quits at 20 minutes. This morning (Monday) when I got out of bed, I could feel no aches/pains/discomfort in my legs - so maybe I just needed 5 days of rest after the 24K???? I have about 6 x 30 minute runs at my HM goal pace over the next 2 weeks before my HM on 03 July. I might even cut them back a little too. .

Does anybody else feel that they are getting worse instead o better ?? :(

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  • Sounds as if you needed more rest than you had actually allowed for yourself. Your muscles will know what to do when you call on them again - this is just a temporary dip.

  • You're pushing yourself quite hard, Bazza. Maybe you do need a bit more rest. I can understand your frustration. I did a bit of running - nothing really structured - about 12 years ago and got up to some good distances (although nothing like 24km), but was always horribly slow. And I seemed to get slower, and it all became a bit of a slog until a health issue came up and it all fizzled out. I haven't got an answer, but you seem on target for your HM. This is just a blip.

  • Well I do at the moment, and I was in the same straits this time last year. I blame too much fast running!

    After my half marathon I felt starving for a whole week. I thought I would so I organised myself and made sure I had good eats. I think the eating is as necessary as the rest as your body is drained. We're no spring chickens either so I assume we "feel it" more

    Eat well and rest up, just some slow jogs to keep your legs turning over

  • 24k is a long way in one go... I'm no specialist but I know what my body would tell me to do if I asked it to go running again three days later (not printable at all but goes along the lines of taking a long walk off a short bridge). Give yourself a couple of days' rest before you get stuck into your final 6 runs - and make sure you eat well, as Miss W says.

  • I felt a massive energy dip yesterday after a lot of running over the last 10 days, including 13 mile runs. Feeling much better after resting yesterday and just a steady 5k today. It's just a sign your body needs rest (and maybe more food-I have been ravenous!) listen to your body😀

  • Do you re-fuel on your longer runs Bazza? Never have previously but think I may have to change. I certainly feel I have stopped progressing. Few weeks back did 15k and not easy but manageable. More recently aimed for 16k - had to stop at 15 and lie down in the park, felt dreadful. Was then completely exhausted for the next 4 days. I don't normally take food or drink out with me but did realise later that on the first 15k I had taken some jelly sweets with me but not on the second. Also very humid 2nd time and I run when I first get up and think maybe drained all my reserves. Wondered if the glucose boost had been the difference. Planned to try again last week but hip started to hurt and stopped at 10k- so I am getting nowhere at present. Just a thought - 24k is a flipping long way.

  • Yes -- I have been carrying "stuff" - my water supplies are actually sports drink ( make it up from a powder at home) and I also carry some chewy, nutty bars and sweeties.

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