Hit the wall!!

HIT THE WALL with a big bang today!!! Went out at 6AM to do 24k on a new route. Have fairly easily done 20K a couple of weeks ago - but today underestimated the hills along this route, the heat 25C and the humidity 85%+ and didn't carry/drink enough water . Got to 19K and had to call the ambulance (my wife) to come and get me!!!! Have never run to exhaustion before - now I know what it feels like!!!

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  • Rest up, Bazza and put it down to experience. Did you have any sustenance aside from your water?

    I still remember my legs momentarily going to jelly when I hit a steep hill towards the end of my first 19K run. Will never know for sure but I think nutrition was the issue - it certainly wasn't the heat/humidity.

  • No - I can normally run for up to 20K without any additional sustenance apart from sports type drink . I really think it was the hills that got me this morning!! :( I have been training on the flat - for a flat race. Didn't realise just what hills were in this new course ! :)

  • But - although it was officially a DNF - I feel that it was a very hard and therefore good run, the last before my two week tapering

  • Yep - I think you have nailed it there. A good run. Enjoy your unique tapering :)

  • Well done Bazza - I think my exhaustion point is a lot less than 19K with or without hills. That's a brilliant effort. And you're lucky to have a personal ambulance driver :)

  • I hope you are ok now Baz. A set of circumstances conspired against you. Probably with some water and snacks you would have been fine. the temperature certainly did you no favours

    Are you having a second shot at it?

  • Nah - next run of that length will be the HM on 09 April

  • Hope you have recovered now Bazza...:) sometimes things happen to just put us back in touch with ourselves.. you know what it feels like.. so.. probably you may be more aware next time.. ?

  • Rest up Bazza - I certainly admire those conditions you run in.

  • Hope you are all good again now Bazza.

    Three weeks ago i came back from a run, parked up on the drive and said to my hubby. 'Ive hit the wall'. He was agog and said, ' I thought you were only doing a short run'!

    What I actually meant was i had hit the wall on the drive as I pulled in ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜จ

  • Oops! :/

  • Respect though. DNF or not, that was a great achievement.

  • Oh dear, hope you are ok now with some rest. I couldn't run at all with that heat - and hills too, phew hard work.

  • Upon reflection, I feel like I have learned a valuable lesson with this. Over the summer , I have lost a lot of sweat - most times my running shirt has been sopping wet after a run of almost any length - but yesterday for the first time ever, even my running shorts were dripping wet with perspiration. So I can see now that although I did not feel thirsty as such during any part of the 19K that I finished, I really did lose a LOT of water. My HM is only just over 2 weeks away and I can't see the climatic conditions changing much over that time - so I am really going to stop at every watering point along the course and drink regardless of how I am "feeling"

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