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Half-Marathon ....Maybe

Hi all,

Just a quick update on my first post about half-marathon training. I created a My Asics Training Plan which I love and I'm now nearly at the end of the pre-conditioning phase.

I was just wondering if anyone else really struggles with the "pace" runs. I feel like I'm never ever going to get any faster than I am now. On the first one I did, I ran the first km at pace then after another 0.5 k I was told I was too slow. My poor husband had to wait for me whilst I stopped and started crying in the hedge! I'm not sure why the plan tells you to run really slowly and then all of a sudden expects you to run 4.5 miles at a pace faster than you ever have before. Why doesn't it do this over shorter distances?

I'm sort of ok running just under 8 minute kilometres but would love to think I could do the 7 minute ones the plan wants. I fly into a panic every time one is coming up though and end up dreading the run. Sounds silly I know ( I haven't even entered a half-marathon yet) but it's just a challenge I've set myself. I've been reading up on all sorts of exercises I should be doing but don't know what's best really. Any advice gratefully received.

Thanks :)

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I have run lots of myasics plans, inc two half marathon ones. Have you chosen the Easy plan? If not, I would recommend it. The other two are just too hard. The easy plan is hard enough!

The slow runs are to get your legs used to what's to come. Just do the best you can with the "fast" runs. Myasics will suggest tweaks depending on your progress. I do wonder though if they think we run on flat running tracks. Don't run with your husband if he expects you to keep up. It's your plan? You don't want to get hurt!

For me, their estimated race times have been virtually spot on. They should be right if you do the runs and upload them into myasics

Don't stress about it. It's a plan to give you some structure and idea about how to go about doing a half marathon. You can only do your best.

Good luck and Bon voyage 😃

PS. I have just started a new plan this week. So far, so good 🙂✔️🏃‍♀️

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Ah, that good ol' Texas gal Nagging Nancy :) She hated me. She liked misswobble though (teacher's pet :D ) but she was always telling me I was either too slow or - strangely - too fast. My advice? Don't stress about it! Do your best but as MissW says, myAsics will adjust your plan based on your times. You'll be fine. Running is for fun - enjoy!

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Hi Murph

Speaking of Nancy, I find I have a run scheduled for today. Eek! I shall take her with me. She refused to speak to me at all again last time out. I think she knows I am a friend of yours 😁

It's piggin atrocious weather 🙄

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Oops, sorry, MissW - think she knows we have been telling tales out of class :D She will forgive you, I'm sure - perhaps she was just too busy painting her nails or something to press the buttons last time?

I can't think what to say about the weather. Don't drown? Stay safe? It's like the second flood here :(


Rain stopped play in the garden, the ironing is done, legs not feeling too bad after yesterday 's jaunt, so I go again 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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You have just described all the reasons why I did not bother with a formal plan!!!

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Yes, I remember having fun when just doing my own thing. I like the plan but maybe I'm just not ready to stick to it on the harder parts. If I did that by myself I feel that I'll probably enjoy running again! ( Actually right now, I hate the plan if I'm truthful!) :)


If you are not enjoying your running then it is almost inevitable that you will not continue running.

I run, on occasions, with my wife, which we both enjoy, but I am always very careful to make sure that she sets the pace. Our favoured times of day and distances to run do not concur, so we generally do not run together. We do our own thing...........and that is the most important thing.

Do you really want to run the half marathon? Or is it something that you think you ought to do. I tried one organised 10k event and concluded that I prefer solo running and that parkrun can provide that competitive edge whenever I fancy it.

I know someone who ran a marathon with her former husband, hating every minute of training. She no longer runs and they are no longer together........

The important thing is to keep running, keep smiling.

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It's back to the running for fun for me. I've decided just to see what I can do. The Race for Life today was great and I got a p.b. of 33.56! I just decided to have fun and not worry.

Thanks for the advice!


Well done on the pb.

I run purely for the love of it. Knowing that I can run 10k at the drop of a hat means I can explore new places...,. beaches, cliff paths, forests, moors and hills, whenever I am away from home, not worrying about times, pace or distance covered......for me that is the liberation that running has given me.

I am sure you will find what works for you.


Thanks all,

I'm feeling better now after reading all your replies. I have actually reined back this week and only run this morning for 3k, but that's because I have the Race for Life on Sunday and I've just been too busy and tired with work.

I'm on the intermediate plan and although my husband does try to slow down for me at times, most of the time I tell him to just do his run but I must admit I do feel disheartened when I see him disappearing into the distance! ( He's just doing his own thing and seems to be having more fun that me)

I agree, it? a very condescending when she tells you you're too slow!

I think I'll either continue with the intermediate at my own pace or maybe switch to the easy - can I do that mid way through? I'll have a look. I feel it has been taking the enjoyment out of running for me although as I said initially I loved the plan.

I've also considered just doing my own thing - I'll have a think when Sunday's over and I've recovered a bit from my zombie-like state of mind :)

Cheers again!


You're an intermediate runner after running 18 to 24 months

Don't overdo it! That plan I fear will be too much for you. Worry, worry bites nails.

Oh I love a plan Iannnoda. I would be like a rudderless ship without one. Thar she blows 🙂

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Thanks. Going to just run for fun now had a great Race for Life today and a p.b. of 33.56! Have the plan in reserve but have dropped it to easy, might take a break from that though. Cheers.


Well,done 😃

You can use the bare bones of the plan to give you an idea of what you need to do in training, but you can Run pace and days to,suit

Good luck


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