22K this morning!!

22K this morning!!

Another long one today - 22 klms. Broadbeach to Palm Beach - and back!! Was lucky to just miss out on the rain that started down the Gold Coast around 12 noon. Has anyone noticed how nice and how satisfying a chocolate milkshake is immediately after a long run??

I have one more long run (24K)on the plan before the Gold Coast HM. This time I have been doing them about 1 minute per K slower than goal race pace. Last year I did them a bit closer to goal. So with one more to go - do I do another longer one at the same slower pace or another 22K at a slightly faster pace (but still slower than goal??). I have two weeks to think over that one :)

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  • Wow Bazza, you are really knocking out those kms at the moment! Fantastic work☺. Have no advise I'm afraid, as you run way further than I do!!! - but agree on the chocolate milk drink after a run! ☺

  • I am "only" doing these runs using run/walk - quite small ratios . Can you run for 30 seconds at a time and then walk for 45 seconds ?? If so, just do it and keep on doing it for 3 hours! :)

  • Excellent, well done Bazza. You are running the same distance as me on my long sunday runs at the moment :) I'm finding 22km to be a very enjoyable distance. I've slowly built up to 22km over the last 8 months, but I'm not planning to increase that distance for at least another 10 months. I'm looking forward to seeing whether it gradually feels easier over time :)

    22km feels really good as a long run, long enought to be really satisfying, but not too time consuming. My other two runs during the week are only 35 minute runs, and I've noticed that as I've upped the long run distance, these have slowed a bit. I'm hoping that as I become accustomed to the 22km long run that the short ones will speed up again. I've only done a month so far of 22km runs, but I can already feel them becoming easier little by little.

    Well done again :D

  • How often are you doing this -- weekly?/ I don't think I could do that - but every second week could be a go!! trouble is finding places to do these long run that don't have too many hills!!

  • Yes, weekly, every Sunday, but, as I said, my other two runs are only 35 minutes on tuesday and thursday. My 22km run is slow too, normally coming in at anywhere between 2h22 and 2h36.

    I dont have much in the way of hills as I run along the noth bank of the Loire. There is a bit of a hill up into one of the villages at one end of my run, but apart from that mostly fairly flat :)

  • Wow! That's some distance Bazza. And it looks a gorgeous run route too. I can't advise on the runs but maybe see how you feel nearer the time. Your body might tell you which one to do πŸ™‚

    Yes I love my chocolate milk too and for long runs I add a banana and whey protein and whisk it all up. It's delicious and it keeps me feeling full for ages. I read in Runners World that chocolate milk is THE best thing a runner can consume after a run, but you probably already know this 😊

  • Do you make your chocolate milk yourself? What is it exactly? I drink milk after a run, and imagine chocolate milk would be really nice, but worry that it would be loaded with extra sugar like the starbucks coffees.

  • Yes I make my own Zev for the reasons you give. Find some good quality cocoa powder with no added ingredients. I use Green & Blacks. Two heaped teaspoons for a big glass of milk. You have to blend it first with a little hot milk to make a paste but then just add the cold milk and whisk it up. A drop of vanilla essence gives it a lovely flavour too but I usually forget this!

    Make it up before your run and pop it in the fridge. It's lovely and cold and you can drink it straight away when you get back. For your very long runs you should definitely add other ingredients like banana, fruit, protein powders etc.

  • Thanks IrishPrincess that sounds nice, I'm going to definately give that a try :)

  • Just wow! No advice.. I am far too inexperienced... just wow! :)

  • Top work fella 22km is an awesome run 😊

  • Great stuff Bazza.

  • Well done. It's a looooong way isn't it. Rest easy now . πŸ˜ƒ

  • Bazza, do you seriously not realise just how amazing you are? Oldfloss said it all, WOW just WOW.

  • I echo all the WOWs on here. 22k - and planning to do the same again in the next 2 weeks, that is amazing! You're obviously enjoying it, so maybe you've found your perfect distance.

  • Like many of the others I am in awe of the distances here but chocolate milk is something I can relate to. Isn't it interesting how our bodies tell us what we need, I didn't know about this being a good runners drink but since having taken up running I've been fancying a hot chocolate quite regularly, like Irishprincess I'm into the Green and Blacks cocoa thinking it will also help my iron levels. So it is reassuring to know that I am in tune with my body on that matter at least, now I just need to get more in tune while I'm actually running!

  • fantastic well done!!

  • Well done you that looks fabulous, and I couldn't possibly comment on your pacing, you are in a different technical lead to me on that front!!!

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