20Klms!!!!!! You're joking!!!

I am currently training for my second HM. I did my last (and only ) one HM using run/walk and during training struggled out to 20K before the "race" . This time I am intending to go longer - but slower -- out to 24K before the "race".  Race is in inverted commas - because it isn't really a race for me, more like a survival course!! :) 

Did 18K last week and will do 20K next week.  But the very fact that I am planning such a thing - traverse 20K on foot, partly running partly walking - is actually quite mind boggling to me.  As John Bingham says  - the miracle is not that I finished, but that I actually started!!  I feel good about it though - even as I realise that I will soon be entering uncharted waters. 

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  • Whey hey! That's a fair old distance Bazza, but you can do it. Enjoy 😊

  • Good idea to go further beforehand to be sure you can hack it on the day.  24k should be quite far enough ☺ if you prepare well, as you are doing, hopefully it will be plain sailing on the day.  I trust the 24k will be just the once.

  • I am doing a 10k in June and then HM in September so I have the 20 km in mind too.  I run 3 times a week - 2 X 5k and a "long run".  I did do. 15k once, 10k minimum and this week did 11k.  Once my 10k is out of the way, I will build up my distances - eek, frightening

  • Well done Bazza, trailblazing as ever 

  • Fantastic Bazza, you are doing brilliantly! Can't quite get my head around a HM just yet😮! However, I am seriously tempted to start upping my distance after my first proper 10k event at the weekend. I have run a fair few 10ks on my own now and love the distance but am also tempted by the Great South Run in October, which is a 10 miler. Will wait and see how I find the crowds etc first before making any decisions however. 🙂

  • My preference is for large events rather than small ones - I find that the crowds and other runners drag me along and give me something to occupy my mind. My last HM only had about 300 entrants - this next one will be around 7000 !! :)

  • Good luck Bazza. I shan't be joining you though, a HM feels way out of my reach still.

  • Having got to 12 and a curtailed run to 14 I know how blooming far that is .. 

    That will be some going Bazza 😊

  • It is a bit weird really -- but I now feel that 12-14K is for me a bit like 5K was 2 years ago !! :)  On the other hand - there is also a little flea in my ear which keeps asking me - why are we doing this? Is it really necessary?? :) Unfortunately I have no answer for him - so I just ignore him. I started out with all this because I thought that I "should" be able to walk 5K and run 1K - and at that time certainly could not run 1K . Now, I am only getting warmed up at the 1K mark :)  I really don't know where it is all leading to.

  • I know exactly where you are coming from,  my current goal is only, yeah only 10 miles  or 16.1 k haha I say it like it is a stroll. 

    How things change , I wouldn't have run to my car before and 5k will be far enough is a life time ago 😊

    Why do we do it? Because we dam well can, it feels good and  we like it 😊

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