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Hmm -- losing interest??

Since I finished my first HM going on 2 weeks ago ( doesn't time fly?) , I can really feel myself slipping backwards. I was very tired after it ( and I guess all the training of the 3 months up to it) - and have had some " feet problems" both during and since the run. I went to parkrun last Saturday - and apart from having little energy or interest, my feet decided to go numb ( as they did during the HM) . Can't figure out why - I was thinking shoes - but have recently read how tight calves can cause nerve problems in the feet causing numbness. But after all this running I have done over the last 2 years ( over 1600 klm now) , I shouldn't be having tight calves and numb feet during a 5K!!!

Intellectually, I feel quite keen to move forwards - but don't really know where forwards is - and physically can feel waining interest in going outside. . Some friends (including a 65YO who is a MUCH better runner than me ) have gotten all excited about completing the HM and are planning a marathon next year. I definitely feel that this is not my direction. I think that perhaps I have been doing too much slow running ( for the HM) - and maybe need to tackle some sorter distances ( but 5K parkrun is all I can really do - no short distances runs around here for people like me :) ) . I am a bit tired of long runs - have found a couple of training plans for the mile and

I think that I may be starting to feel a little like others have expressed in a similar vein here many times before.

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I can definitely understand that after all that training and completing the race that the impetus to go out running may wane a bit.

I did a HM this morning and then sat down this afternoon building myself a little training plan for the next few weeks and plugged them into the diary. Perhaps its just me, but if I have a plan then I generally stick to it especially if its sat in my diary.

I know that you are a great run/walker, but for me I would like to try and remove the majority of walking breaks if I can, so that's what I will be working on... perhaps I'll re-run the last few weeks of C25K :-) Going to throw some faster intervals, a long run at the weekend and my core training once a week and hopefully keep the motivation going during the winter.

Hope you get your feet sorted soon.. the soles of my feet dont always feel 100% after a run, but it usually goes away after a good nights sleep!!


I only run walk for LONG distances - but since i have been training for some months for this HM , even my non-stop runs have generally been done slowly. :( How did you complete your HM?

There is no doubt in my mind that doing run/walk does kind of de-condition my ability to run non-stop. So I think that is something I am going to have to tackle to get back to scratch. So 10K will be my upper limit now for quite a while - WHEN I get back into the mood to do anything!! :(


I would imagine that it's a completely normal reaction after all that training and then the adrenaline on the big day.

I'd suggest planning a complete break from running (but not exercise) for a week or two and then doing a 6-8 week training plan. Improving your time for a shorter distance like a mile or 5k would be a great target to aim for.


I think that I am a bit tired of all the "long" slow distance running!!

There is a running track near me - it is 440 metres , and around the outside of the track, there are 4 fitness stations spaced about 100 metres apart. This is where I first started out on my "quest" 2 years ago - before I had even heard of C25K. For about a month or so I walked around that track and used the fitness machines - got a bit tired of them and started to try to run to the next one (only to realise/remember that I couldn't run - I never could run!!)

So - tomorrow I am going to jog down there - about 1.2 klm - and workout on those machines - and then I am going to SPRINT between them!! :) I'll show them what I can do now!! :)


That sounds like a brilliant facility, and a "nice" distance away for a jog to warm up (in the fitness sense of the term, I assume you don't need it temperature-wise).

Great plan.

Hmm if those machines could talk, they'd probably have a tale or two to tell... and yours would definitely be one of the success stories :)


Thanks - you are so kind :) Silly old git me!! :)


I had a little wobble after my HM, but then I had to stop training for a good couple of weeks due to a kidney infection, trust me enforced no running definitely helps to get you back on track. I think as others have said it is a natural reaction, I have seen many people on this forum go very quiet after a HM and then come back a while later and admit they lost their running mojo. it is a big race and it feels like it is hard to top immediately after you have finnished. I waited till I could run again and put in for a 10km which I am working at knocking a bit of time of my pace but also have put in for another HM next year, it took me a while to want to do that though and my main consideration for doing it is to do it more comfortably next time. As the memory fades the enthusiasm seems to come back. I hope you find what works for you.


Dont underestimate how long it takes your body to recover from all the training and then the big event of the HM. After my marathon I suffered terribly with a numb foot etc and ended up with Achilles tendinitis. Clearly something wasn't right- so please go and get checked out. Also- your plan sounds sensible, its always good to mix up our focus and goals through the year allowing our bodies to properly recover etc....


Just reading others and your responses, dont underestimate the mental strain of training then running a big event like that. My advive is to have some time off and get the love back through focusing on enjoyment...


I completely echo your sentiments, Bazza. My race was 3 weeks ago and I find it harder to be motivated without a scheduled race. I am travelling for Christmas in a few weeks so I don't really have any motivation to challenge myself before the holidays since I don't have anything booked in. I definitely agree with what others have said about both giving yourself some time emotionally and physically to recover from a big race and also about setting another goal. It sounds like you've found some great resources in trying to improve your speed in shorter distances.

The most important thing to make sure your feet problems are not too severe, so I hope everything works out with that! Let us know how you get on, everyone here is so great at inspiring each other and giving advice, so we will always be around!

Best of luck!


I felt a bit flat after my HM, having trained to a schedule for 16 solid weeks beforehand. I was anxious that I'd lose momentum and structure. It gave me the impetus to join a running club, so at least I have a framework to run around - the club runs and Parkrun. I've started a mini training plan for a 10K race in December.

Is it a matter of structure and purpose?


I understand, you have trained so hard and spent many hours outside doing all those long runs and now it's over there is anti climax to running again....?so hard to find the right word in that sentence.

I had a week off, not intentionally but selling the house I really didn't feel like it, then we went on an adventure to Patagonia. Instead of running we hiked and I loved it!! It's was slow, challenging and just the ticket.

Getting back to running was tough as I had another hm planned in 3 weeks but it focused the mind and after a break from running I was happy to put on the trainers.

I guess my point is maybe have a little break from it, do something else you like or do nothing at all. Rest and take it easy, slowly get into again. Maybe with some time away you will look at it with fresh eyes and know where you want to go. Also it might help your feet.

I really am recommending to people to take a week off from running every now and then, as long as they don't have an event planned. I do believes it allows your body to recover and you don't lose fitness but when you are back you are somewhat recharged and ready to go.

I hope you find your running mojo again as you have been awesome!


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