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My running week

Hi All,

My running week has not really consisted of much running. I went to the gym on Monday and Wednesday as a light workout after my Triathlon, cycled to work Tuesday and Thursday and only ran this morning and then visited the gym. My run though was pretty good even though I had a bad start due to tech issues, so my first split was 7.34 then the subsequent splits were, 5.37, 5.40, 5.32, 5.15, 4.58. Hard work but felt really good being able to push all the way to the end. I need to improve my run for my Triathlon as I ran a 35.15 5.6km so that was the only thing I came away thinking I really need to improve that (just re-read that and it sound big headed which it isn't meant to be, I am of course speaking from a purely personal point of view).

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Stay injury free and happy running!!

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Those a great splits Mat30 i am sure you will get your times down no problem ☺

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Thanks Slow_Rob

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