Slow start, slow middle and slow finish

I got off the IC yesterday and went out for my slowest run ever. I've had knee issues which started a couple of months ago when I had a nasty fall, then I started getting hip pains which I think were caused by trying to compensate for the bad knee, then the same knee twisted when a dog ran into me enthusiastically, so I had two weeks of rest and was quite nervous about running again.

I decided that I would not worry about time or distance as I went up the first hill I realised that I needed to keep it even slower than planned, so did a run/walk, concentrating on how my knee felt. I eventually reached the top of the hill and jogged slowly along the flat path towards the car park, then tested a little sprint and all seemed fine. When it came to the down hill, I walked all the way to the bottom, then jogged through the valley and then back up another hill to home.

This route normally takes me about 45 - 50 minutes, but yesterday took about 65 minutes, I'm not sure I can still call it a "run", but it got me up and out. Perhaps I was over-cautious but today my knee feels fine and I have no hip pain. Tomorrow I'll attempt a 30 minute slow run, and see how that feels.

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  • That sounds reasonably positive. All the best, SS.

  • I plan to go easy this week, then see how it goes.

  • Slow is good I think, and definitely counts as a run. Hope the progress goes well.

  • Yes I've just got to hold back a little, making sure I don't get impatient and do something silly.

  • Better to be cautious and gently build back up, hopefully the ic is behind you now ☺

  • I really hope so!

  • As we all say, slow and steady; you have made a start... take it gently.

    Like I am saying at the moment.. for me, slow, is the new fast! :)

  • If I get much slower, snails and tortoises will be passing me!

  • No issues with that... I have had some interesting chats with snails who have trotted alongside me :)

  • Gosh you've had a lot of issues but that's so good that you went out, and I hope everything settles very soon

  • Did a slow 30 minute run this morning and all seems fine. Even remembered to wear my new trail shoes which I had forgotten about on Monday!

    Please may I pick your brains??? I tend to run the same route at least twice a week, it's a 5k and is very convenient for me, but for about 1km, as well as going down a hill, it has a sloping camber to the left so one leg is being straightened more than the other (i hope this makes sense). I wonder if by repeating this uneven leg stretch to one side only, I could be causing other issues? I could easily reverse the run every other time so the opposite leg is stretched on an uphill camber but have just got into a habit of doing it this way.

  • No pain? Result!! You did everything right. Well done :)

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