Back on it!

Back on it!

After a lingering cronky leg situation, I had a week of rest from running and did a 5k mixed woodland and street run today. The burning calf came back faintly but I found running on and telling myself it will pass was better than stopping and stretching. Looking like I am on track now for my Race for Life next Sunday. I think it was a combination of stress around my work situation and knocked confidence that allowed the thoughts to control me rather than a real injury as such but feel good now.

Thank you for all your words of wisdom and encouragement. Will just run a couple of 5ks this week in preparation and then once my event is over, back to my 2 X 5 and a long run a week. Need now to slowly build again so I am on track for the HM in September - gulp!

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  • Great. Be careful Joolie, was getting worried about you.

  • I will thanks, just nice and steady, see how I go!

  • Yeay... go you, Joolie...:) Loving that excited face too.

    Your runs sounds to have gone well, I am pleased for you x

  • Glad things felt better for you today Joolie. 🙂

  • Thank you, I will take it easy as I always have. I was thinking it was over too. Frustrating in that I have never pushed for speed or punished my body with more than I felt was good. I managed to do C25K well without injury because I rested and ran pretty slowly. After that, it has been tough but I got to a comfortable 10k once a week, then I started to struggle. Even happy with running 3 X 5k a week right now but stopping after all the hard work would be horrible

  • Glad to hear you are getting there 😊

  • Great news Joolie. Nice to see you back ☺xx

  • Glad you're back, Joolie. I think you'd be very miserable if you have to give up! If you're finding it too difficult to up the distance I would just drop back and run for pleasure, with no goals or races. Some people need the motivation, but others feel too much pressure and end up being demotivated. Running should be fun and any run is better than doing nothing.

  • Well done JoolieB1 , the mind is a powerful thing and everyday life can affect us in different ways, glad the run went well and you enjoy the run ☺

  • Glad to hear it joolie!😊

  • Well done and I hope it's fully better soon, don't forget to foam roll!!

  • Good to hear you are sorted. Don't do a lot this week and don't stress over the race, it will be fine. I've just got back from a trail 10k and it was great - a bit of a change from the usual places I run. Look at it like that, don't stress and you will enjoy it more (well, I did 😀).

  • That's great news Joolie. I think you were very sensible in taking time out.

  • Little and often until you get your head and your legs back onto the case, girl. Glad to see you back xx

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