I did it!

I did it!

Haven't posted for a while, lost my running monos for a few weeks but thankfully now I am back in my second home in Spain I am back on track! And today I finally completed my Running Down Dementia challenge - my target was 200k - started in June and completed today on a 7.7k lovely slow (and hot) run along the beautiful Med coast here. As I got to my final k, to hit the 200k target, my running list randomly selected 'The Final Countdown' - spooky or what! Anyway my lovely friends and family sponsored me for this challenge and raised £335 for Alzheimer's research. Having lost my lovely Dad to this cruel disease last year, it was quite an emotional run today but it is such a cathartic exercise to just run and think and remember. The photo is the view of sunrise from my front door as I set off on my run this morning.

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  • Lovely picture, great post and amazing achievement. Well done :)

    It is a horrible disease and you have done your bit to contribute to finding a cure. I'm sure your dad would have been very proud :)

  • Thank you Helen x

  • Brilliant, well done 😀

  • Beautiful picture and well done for today... I did the same campaign last year in memory of my mum, who also passed away last year.

    It's such a worthwhile cause and gives a great focus to have a challenge and a way to remember out loved ones and make them proud.

    Enjoy your sunshine over there x

  • Well done:)

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