Back on my bike this week

Back on my bike this week

I have had some pains in my calves on and off now for three weeks, feels like a burning sensation, feels different to shin pains I had some time ago. Tried reducing distances, running on grass etc but even on my 5k run on Saturday, pain was so bad I had to keep stopping and stretching. Feels like a muscular pain and I must conclude I have some sort of injury which is horrible. Frustrating that I have a running setback after doing so well but not giving up completely. So frustrating to not be able to run 5k when I have run many 10ks and even 15!!

Have a 10k event in 3 weeks too. I have a plan - no running this week but to maintain fitness, I am getting my bike out of the shed and will be using that again so I am keeping fit with low impact on my legs. Will keep up my stretch n flex exercises in the meantime. Can't afford a sports physio so will just have to rely on common sense. Any other thoughts? Julie

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  • Sorry to hear that Joolie. Have you got a foam roller? If not, then a rolling pin works too. Sit on a chair with one leg bent and just roll the pin up and down the calf.

    I also give my calves a bit of self massage when I'm sitting on the sofa at night. You can actually get in quite deeply, so maybe worth a try.

    Stair raises and drops are good for stretching the calves as is standing on tip toes and rolling back on your heels. I hope something works for you. Keep us posted.

  • Hi Julie, sounds like you have a good plan, and you're being very brave to withdraw from running completely... I'd just suggest with bike riding this can still put strain on your calf muscles although it must be different ones to running - I've had some painful calf cramps from cycling before, and the tight hamstrings can end up pulling on my lower back too. As you're already suffering, I'd recommend doing good hamstring stretches after cycling to make sure you don't get any other strains. The additional stretches may help too? Hope the stinging calves fix soon.

  • I have no advice really... the strength and flex help me, but maybe as Irishprincess says, a touch of massage. I always massage my legs after my post-run shower.

    Cycling is good.. but maybe gentle cycle rides and not too strenuous. it is a worry, so hope it sorts soon x

  • Is it both calves Joolie?

  • Yes, annoyingly! Went for a bike ride today, nice and slow and did 17 km so at least it was exercise. Resting now til Wednesday or Thursday and will see how my legs are then and decide what to do! Had it a couple of weeks ago, blamed skipping that I had tried the week before but no idea why it is back. Only been doing 2 x5 and 1 x10 per week. Even doing 5 has become horrible

  • Oh no Joolie. What a buggeration!

    Another stretch for the calves that I really like (no idea what its called though). Stand with your feet about hipth wide apart. Turn your feet inwards (as if you were doing the birdie dance - ahem showing my age) the lean forward arms shoulder with apart putting your hands on a wall or door or edge of your worktop & lean in, hold it & you'll feel your calfs stretching.

    It might have been easier to do a You tube video after that description!

    I hope you get sorted really soon. X

  • Grrr that's not great news but you sound as if you are being sensible. I hope it sorts itself out soon.

  • Rest is a wonderful thing, better than medicine. Frustrating though, want to get out running but my time will come LOL

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