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My mojo coming back!

After my recent HM, I have to say that I fell into a bit of a hole. I was a bit tired - but more to the point, I just seemed to run out of "interest".

Anyway, I have been playing around with my little home gym - doing all kinds of things that I find on Youtube and am slowly returning to running. I "crashed and burned " last week at parkrun at the 4Klm mark - it was VERY HOT and when I got home, I discovered that I had run the first 4K at over 92% of my max HR - too much for me, so from now on I am going to wear my HRM to keep myself under some more control. . I have found a running partner at Sunday running club - who is actually quite fast (26 mins for 5K) - but she rather enjoys doing run/walk at "my" pace - out to 8K so far . She had never previously ran further than 5K . On Tuesday, I am going down to my local running track to use the parkstyle gym equipment around the perimeter - and I will also do some 400 metre intervals there - not too many, just as many as I decide on the day. And on Thursdays, I will do some slow longruns out to 90 minutes or so.

So - I feel that I have plenty to keep myself interested and occupied, without using any kind of more formal race distance training plan. It's not long before Christmas now - so I am just going to have some fun for a while before maybe doing another HM (and associated training for it) next year.

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Sounds great. Sometimes it does you so much good to just shake things up a bit. After Sunday I want to work in a bit of HR training myself. I have been very interested how my body moved differently while with working in speed so now I want to go the opposite direction and put that into slow and steady and work at longer no break runs. I agree with you after such a rigid HM training plan you feel you want to do your own thing luckily it doesn't take you long to realise there are so many different options with running and exercise and you find your feet quite easily.


sounds like a good plan to me....


Delighted to hear that Bazza.


Sounds like the right choice to me Bazza, glad to hear your back on track. Happy running!


Glad to hear that Bazza. Now if you could send some motivation over my way....!


Sounds like it's coming together.

No matter how successful, I guess there's always a bit of a down after any event that you spend months working towards. Sounds like you have found a new pattern that will keep you interested for a wile, and keep that fitness up for the next time an event inspires you.

Happy running!



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