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16km today last long run before Hackney Half on 8th May

I decided to do my long run today just to see how I am doing.  I've done a couple of 15km and a 12km but today I thought I need the confidence of doing a 16-17km.  The only reason I didn't get to 17km was because I was outside my house and at that distance it's very hard to go on and do the extra 1km.  My times and speed were pretty much the same as last year the only difference is that I ran all the way home this year and I live on the top of a hill so the speed training and hill training must of paid off over the year as I felt I had the spare to finish with the hill rather than getting the bus up the hill like the three times when I did the longer runs last year.

I did a trial of double breakfast this morning and the first 10km felt better than I have done in ages so it's maybe something I might look into in further as I've never really thought of making up the calories before my run rather than after it.  It just felt like my body was happier to run. I had 2x seeded toast, my breakfast beans (black beans, tomatoes and sweet potatoe all done in the pressure cooker) and two poached eggs.

Also I had my Sainsbury mini packet of dried mango.  That went down so well.  I must admit it felt a lot more refreshing than jelly babies and it comes in a handy little packet to go  my belt so there are a must for my HM.  They did have a pick me up effect as well which is what you want from your fuel but didn't leave me thinking I was sugar loaded.  

The only thing that didn't go right was my post soak in the bath I got the bath drawn and poured in my Epsom salts to find someone had virtually finished the packet without telling me.  Just when I needed them the most hopefully the crumbs that were left for me will do thier thing.

Wishing you all an happy healthy weekend.

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Well done RF. It's a great feeling to run so far. I love it. I must get some Epsom salts. I usually sell it as fertiliser !!! X x Andy


I know id forgotten just what a great feeling it is going for the longer ones.  Fertiliser?   I won't tell my other half, he looks after a bowls green.  Or maybe I could get him to buy it and I could have some of his for a change 😀. 


Well done RFC!  Sounds like a good training run, and you brekkie sound excellent . The mango is a good tip too! Have a nice feet up now and order the next tub of epsoms!


It was a good run and not taken too much out of my muscles today.  The mango is my new fav for running. 


Well done RFC, that sounds like a fantastic run. Sounds as if you will be spot on for your HM. Pity about the Epsom salts. Hope you recover well, all the same!


I'm recovering well thank you.  I knew it would help with the confidence I was having major doubts last week but feel better about the distance now. 


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